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"Yes! This is the cutting edge of our cultural evolution  - Holly Shaw leads us into the secret world of ritual and performance."

- Monique Rebelle

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E37 with Marianna Mejia

Dancing with Our Ancestors

October 17, 2018

How do you envision yourself aging as an artist? My guest today never imagined she’d be dancing and performing and teaching into her 70’s and yet she is! This fall we’ll skirt the edges of the spirit world as we talk with guests who channel the dead to write movies and allow their ancestors to play piano with them - starting with this guest, flamenco dancer, writer, avid spiritual practitioner, Marianna Mejia.

E36 with Steven Chesne

The Music and The Magic Beyond the "Mash Up"

October 10, 2018

Award winning composer, Steven Chesne, just released his latest album, “Sapient” which is being called a “landmark recording” by music reviewers. Listen as we talk creating fusion from sacred traditions, musical counterpoint (aka “mash ups”) and monks walking through the streets of Santa Monica.  For more than a year, Steven Chesne unearthed the ancient words of peace from Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mohammed, the Sikhs, the Hindu, the Jews, the Cheyenne, the Kikuyu, and the Baha’i. Chesne consciously focused on discovering the similarities of themes and shared beliefs, instead of the differences. This special episode includes moving musical selections from the culminating album, Sapient.  

BEST OF with Raz Kennedy (Encore Broadcast)

Be Afraid But Do It Anyway

October 03, 2018

This revealing interview with "coach to rock royalty," Raz Kennedy was chosen as a"best of" by our listeners who keep coming back to it again and again. In this episode you'll get a glimpse into the story of this living legend who persevered through early traumatic experiences to make his desire bigger than his fear. Learn about subconscious imprints, how to work through fear and more. Listen and discover - what is your "Love and Fear Cocktail"? And how can you be afraid, but do it anyway? 

E35 with Dr. Miluna Fausch

Performing with Your Archetypes

September 26, 2018

Want ideas for how you can access different archetypes and use them to create dynamic and commanding performances, talks, or even pitches? Listen to this conversation with performance coach, Dr. Miluna Fausch where she also shares tips on body language and how to know who listen to and let into your “arena.” What is your default archetype? And what could you bring more into the forefront to help yourself get to the next level?  Listen and find out!

E34 with Ranella Ferrer

Creatively Fit, Fabulous and Glowing!

September 19, 2018

You may recognize this week’s guest, singer Ranella Ferrer, from her starring appearance on Khloé Kardashian’s T.V. Show, Revenge Body, and in this week’s episode we talk about how she went from one of the most sought after singers in Hollywood to dropping out of music, gaining weight, and falling into a depression.  Now returning to music full force after Revenge Body, Ranella shares an inspirational look at how important it is to feed our creative fitness as she talks about performing for stadiums of 20,000 people, sharing her gift, and finding love.

E33 with Jonathan Strange and Adam White

What You Can Learn From Street Performers

September 12, 2018

How do you captivate an audience when they’re on their way to somewhere else? For this week’s episode listen as Holly spends the day at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and talks with two street performers: Adam White, the M.C. of Bay Area Breakerz, break-dancing crew; and  Jonathan Strange, an award winning magician. Find out what it takes to gather a crowd, keep them entertained, and get them to pay when the show’s already over!

Episode 32 with Ron Roecker

Surrounding Yourself With The Right Team

September 05, 2018

In this episode overflowing with stories and heart, talent and brand manager, Ron Roecker will blow your mind with tales from working with some of the industry's best and brightest in music and entertainment over his 20 year career. Ron shares his secrets on gathering the right team, reflects on "authenticity" and answers the question: What is the difference between an artist and an icon? Listen to find out!

Episode 31 with Meli Alexander

Audition with Improv: A Coaching Call with An Actor

August 29, 2018

Ever felt like the audition process is set up to fail you? You’ll love this coaching episode with SAG Hollywood actor, Meli Alexander as she relays a recent co-star audition that didn’t go as she hoped and I coach her through how to approach it better next time.  We talk about how to use your natural gifts in auditions, improvisation as a tool to conquer self-doubt and how to bounce back after bombing.

Episode 30 with Holly Shaw

Raw and REAL! Dealing with Post-Performance Disappointment

August 22, 2018

How do you deal when you are hating on yourself after a disappointing performance? Host, Holly Shaw, records her raw thoughts and hurt feelings as she grapples with a less than stellar performance the night before - straight from her tent at a music and dance festival. Listen as she shares first hand her moment to moment experience, thoughts and how she finally manages to let go of her story and trade the ugly voices in her head for the loving ones of those around her.  Before you downward spiral or give up on yourself, listen to this!

Episode 29 with Srinivas Rao

Seeking Validation: The Artist's Paradox

August 15, 2018

It’s a neat little paradox we live in as artists, isn’t it? Our job is to stay focused on creating solely from our vision, and yet, we can’t help it . . . sometimes we have to look up to see if anyone else is paying attention. Srini Rao, the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, has a lot of great wisdom on this topic as someone who has interviewed over 700 highly creative people and who just published his latest book, “Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake.”  Srini talks about finding validation in your work, surfing as a creative practice, dating as a self-proclaimed B-List Celebrity and answers the question, “Which should take precedence: morning sex or your writing habit?”

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood

An Interview with The Woman Behind Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

August 12, 2018

In this interview taken live at Digital Hollywood, Holly is in the hot seat for once, being interviewed by VoiceAmerica's own Lori H. Schwartz, host of the Techcat Radio Show, as we get a look at the woman behind The Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within Series, Holly Shaw.  In this cheeky fun interview, they chat about hypnosis, mind altering substances, and hatred for certain specific foods.

Episode 28 with Blair Hickey

Casting & Collaboration: Finding Your Fellow Storytellers

August 08, 2018

Isn't it great when you find those people you truly love working with? Join us as we talk with veteran actor and founder of Casting About, Blair Hickey, as we discuss what casting directors really want, how to find your actor's type, what it means to be a unique storyteller and more! If you are feeling a little dis-empowered, like you're just waiting to be "picked" then this episode will shift how you look at your career, casting, collaboration and help you discover: what kind of storyteller are you?

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Heidi-Marie Ferren

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

August 05, 2018

Heidi-Marie Ferren is a singer/actress, writer/spokesperson who has played Wonder Woman on HBO’s hit T.V. show “Bored to Death” and also served our Armed Forces across the globe as Miss USO. I caught up with her at Digital Hollywood where we talked about her latest project involving female driven content called, “Woman Enough,” and stories from her service as Miss USO. Heidi models how to show up in service yet also how to be brave and break the rules. 

Episode 27 with Suzanna Yada

Social Media Hustle: Worth It Or A Waste?

August 01, 2018

Not sure if your social media posting and promoting is actually doing you any good?  Listen to this episode where Holly is joined by digital marketing expert and independent artist, Suzanne Yada also known as Little Spiral as she explains what you might be doing wrong, effective methods for attracting your audience with social media, email lists and more. You’ll get the down low on effective FB strategies, and fresh creative ideas for inviting your ideal audience in and minimizing your time at the computer so you can make more art instead.  We also dive into the paradox of the day job artist and why it’s ok to have a side gig.

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Tania Z

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 29, 2018

Tania Z, actress, filmmaker and self-proclaimed "glamazon," talks about her work advocating for legalization of medical marijuana for military veterans, her film that’s part of the LACMA archive, and how she loves presenting stories with an alternate viewpoint in this episode of the Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within series. Look for a new episode every Sunday as the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast shares these captivating short profiles of women change makers making Hollywood great here and now.

Episode 26 with Jade Raybin

Critical Feedback and Guarding Your Creative Fire

July 25, 2018

Taking criticism isn’t always easy and people don’t always have your best intentions in mind when they give it. In this episode, we dish about this with guest and feedback veteran, Jade Raybin. Listen and learn about the best ways to give critiques and how to receive them, how to discern the note within the note, the importance of guarding your creative fire from unsolicited comments, creative suffering, the body’s role in creativity, unlocking your personal motivators and more in this fun chat with brilliant award winning screenwriter, playwright, and choreographer, Jade Raybin. 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Jerri Lynn Hogg

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 22, 2018

Jerri Lynn Hogg, Director of the Media Psychology PhD program at Fielding University joins Holly for a conversation about virtual reality and where it’s taking us. From educational environments that we can now create, to augmented and virtual spaces, we ask the questions of how are we changing as we become more connected this way and how is technology influencing us? What are the ethical implications of following a 12 year old girl around a Syrian refugee camp and how do these new “realities” affect us with their ability to harm or heal?

Episode 25 with Enon Gaines from Unlikely Heroes

How to Talk About Your Craft with Confidence

July 18, 2018

As an artist, it isn’t uncommon to feel at a loss when asked about what you do. In this episode, you’ll hear about a two-step process for answering that question in a way that feels genuine and makes people interested to hear more. Joined by the lead singer/rapper of Unlikely Heroes, Enon Gaines, Holly coaches him through the process and more as Enon shares about the burnout experience of being a new popular band, the meaning behind the name, “Unlikely Heroes,” and what family wounds songwriting has healed for him. This episode energized by the music of Unlikely Heroes and includes a bonus rap improvisation with Enon.

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Jackie Loeb

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 15, 2018

Jackie Loeb, Comedian, Actor and Writer was the winner of the 2016 MO Award for Best-Stand Up Comedian and after I caught her hanging out in the speakers' lounge at Digital Hollywood I convinced her to come on live radio and riff with me about the phenomenon of TEDtalks, big tummies, and a behind-the-scenes look at the culture of Hollywood. Don’t let the non-stop laughter fool you. One of the bravest of all women warriors, Jackie Loeb, isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking and will inspire you to do the same. 

Episode 24 with Kellita Maloof

Showgirl Shaman Shares Her Secrets

July 11, 2018

You'll learn so much about revealing what’s hidden in this riveting conversation with showgirl shaman, Kellita Maloof. I loved hearing this award winning burlesque dancer talk about audience participation, consent, the medicine of certain movements, immanence v. transcendence, what is “de-animation,” of the body and how dance has healed her and brought her back into hers. Listen to her journey from ballet to Brazilian dance to finally burlesque as she explains how Revelling, Revealing and Receiving are the keys to making the best art. 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Catherine Clinch

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 08, 2018

Catherine Clinch, T.V. writer, producer and pioneer in the field of technology where she’s won prizes at 5 hackathons, and she's been awarded three US Patents for inventing a revolutionary new form of mobile entertainment.  In this conversation she shares her unique view on "gatekeepers," the benefits of getting older, and what she wishes she had known when she was younger. After listening to this you'll find yourself asking the questions, "Where am I putting unnecessary limitations on myself?" or saying, "I can’t because they - someone else - won’t let me." Catherine Clinch breaks through barriers and lets us know that you don't have to be done just because they tell you leave the table.

Episode 23 with John Morgan

The "It" Factor and Neuroscience

July 03, 2018

What is the “it” factor, anyway? That charisma or magnetism that we can’t quite explain that makes a certain artist seem to crackle with attractive energy? We act like it’s something that you either have or you don’t. But what if you could cultivate it? This episode, with neuroscientist and founder of Sparkmesh, John Morgan, explores the science and psychology behind the “it” factor. We’ll also talk about how music affects brain activity, what position is best when you’re in a line-up with other artists, the connection between stage fright and trance states, how you communicate with your audience when you don’t even realize you’re doing it and more. Included is a new Initiation Exercise for a pre-show ritual you can use before auditions, going on stage or any kind of public speaking. 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Eileen Grubba

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

June 27, 2018

Eileen Grubba, Actor/Activist known for her memorable, edgy characters in shows like Sons of Anarchy (2008), NBC's Game of Silence (2016), and HBO's Hung (2009) have gained her a reputation for courageous character work. In this interview, originally recorded live at Digital Hollywood in L.A. this year, she  dishes with us about her work as a disability activist and about how she alchemizes her own harrowing life experiences into her creative work in this powerful episode that will leave you asking, “What would I stand up and speak for . . . even if no one else would?”  This is the premiere of a new episode series, Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within, a series of captivating bite-sized profiles of the luminous and courageous women making Hollywood great here and now.

Episode 22 with Holly Shaw

10 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Artist's Bio

June 20, 2018

Do you need to write a new Artist’s Biography but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right? You’re in the right place! In this episode I give you 10 Tips and Best Practices for writing effective great bios for programs, websites, grant proposals, and for any occasion so that you can stand out from the crowd and let people know from just the first sentence why they should care about you and keep reading no matter where you are in your career! You’ll learn about common mistakes and what not to do when deciding what to put in or leave out of your bio.  You’ll also hear about my brand new episode series, Women In Hollywood, that’s coming soon, about the 36th annual San Francisco Jazz Festival, Monsieur Periné, why being in the audience pisses me off just a little.  Click here to go to podcast gifts and sign up for a free copy of the Build Your 'You Are 'Da Bomb!' Bio Minicourse>>

Episode 21 with Damien Alvarez, Dionisio Ceballos, Tony Gapastione, Blair Hickey, and Aaron Skiles

The Daddy Issue

June 13, 2018

We are celebrating dads who are artists with this special episode featuring five dads who bust the myth that you can’t be a great artist and a devoted father at the same time. What was really endearing to me about creating this episode was getting to connect with these dads who are really there for their families and also pursuing artistic careers.  In this episode we talk to a dancer/graphic designer, an actor/entrepreneur, a painter, a musician, and a filmmaker about the pressures of being the provider of the family, the ways in which they’ve managed to make their auditions, and make time for songwriting, and how being a father has changed them. Find bonus videos of these adorable dads in the Interviews with Artists Video Library.

Episode 20 with Billy Procida

Vulnerability Is Sexy

June 06, 2018

Being honest and vulnerable in your performances is hot . . . because it’s captivating! But it can be hard because if you put it all out there then what if people don’t like it? Does it mean they don’t like you? But what if. .  .vulnerability, isn’t as hard as you think it is? What if it’s easy? In this episode, Holly interviews comedian and host of The Manwhore podcast, Billy Procida about how he’s able to be so open about his sex life and relationships and put it all out there for his audience.  Learn from his stories of how he’s navigated social media haters and broadcasting his own breakups in order to create a show that’s been named one of the top 10 sex podcasts by Esquire.com and inspires a devoted fan base that sends him whisky when he’s going through hard times.  Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary Build Your You Are ‘Da Bomb Bio Minicourse here.

Episode 19 with Rebecca Kleinmann

The Creative Formula Live Experience

May 30, 2018

Special Episode! Experience the wisdom of Holly’s creative formula in action as Holly coaches critically acclaimed flutist and composer, Rebecca Kleinmann through this three-step process in this musically rich episode invigorated by the sounds, improvisations, and stories of this intriguing rising artist. Rebecca also shares her biggest regret when it comes to missed opportunities, insider secrets into how she learned to improvise and overcome perfection paralysis, and tales of how she ended up with a hand-written original composition by legend, Hermeto Pascoal, on her kitchen wall. Hear how the creative formula works firsthand! And find exclusive bonus video clips of this episode and others here.

Episode 18 with Tracee Bebee

Kicking Your Creative Excuses to the Curb!

May 23, 2018

When it comes to finding time for your creative work, do you make a lot of excuses?  Are you blocked on how to make more time for it , or make better use of the time you do have?  You’ll love this episode where I’m joined with the kick assery of screenwriter, writing coach and author of “No Excuses, Just Write” Tracee Bebee.  Hear how Tracee made it through a life changing illness to become a writer at age 40 and why she advocates for a creative habit that you work at every single day.