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Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Jackie Loeb

July 15th, 2018

Jackie Loeb, Comedian, Actor and Writer was the winner of the 2016 MO Award for Best-Stand Up Comedian and after I caught her hanging out in the speakers' lounge at Digital Hollywood I convinced her to come on live radio and riff with me about the phenomenon of TEDtalks, big tummies, and a behind-the-scenes look at the culture of Hollywood. Don’t let the non-stop laughter fool you. One of the bravest of all women warriors, Jackie Loeb, isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking and will inspire you to do the same. Find out why LA Weekly calls Jackie a “must see” and listen to this special episode of Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within series that was recorded live at this year’s Digital Hollywood.


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Jackie Loeb:  Winner of the 2016 MO Award for Best Stand Up Comedian, Jackie Loeb is the creator of TEDious talks, and the web series, The Middle-Agers. Called a must see by LA Weekly, and non stop funny by The Examiner she has worked extensively as a stand-up comedian, actor, vocalist, musician, voice over artist and writer. Jackie has performed to miners, magistrates, doctors, lawyers, students, the sober, the inebriated, the medicated and the institutionalized. Men, women and children of all shapes and sizes have laughed at her and Jackie wouldn't have it any other way. Learn more about her at

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