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Are you ready to get one on one support?

Private Coaching

with Creativity Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist, Holly Shaw

When You've Already Tried It Alone:


How many self help books have you read that you didn’t do anything with? How many tips articles do you click on that you don’t use? One mistake that a lot of artists make is thinking that they can create huge amounts of change on their own.


That's why I offer many of my clients one-on-one support.  So we can get really clear about what's going on with you, where you are blocked, or stuck - so that I can help you release all of those old patterns and habits so you can show up as the kind of artist you want to be and experience deep, long-lasting changes in your life.

Adam Faison, Actor 
Everything's Gonna Be Okay, HBO, Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie.” 

"I found myself getting a little nervous the other day before a voiceover job and so I did the 10 second elevator induction you taught me and that made me a lot more calm and then I felt ready to go.

It’s so easy to get in your head as an actor and feel like others are telling you what you’re worth. Working with you has helped me be able to take my agency back."


Vida Felsenfeld, Dancer and Poet

"Thank You Holly for everything you've done for me. You witnessed the most vulnerable side of me these last four weeks, our work together is some of the most profound work I've ever done with anybody, seriously. I want to continue to work with you, you are simply amazing grace."

Things Holly Can Help You With

Having spent over twenty years performing and producing work, studying healing arts, and working hands on with many artists, I'm uniquely qualified to recognize and coax out the best artist inside of you.  Throughout many years of helping artists, I've become an expert at helping you in the following areas:

  • Overcoming stage fright and learning how to use this energy in order to become a magnetic and riveting performer in the process

  • Busting through creative blocks, dispelling fears so you can move from frozen to focused

  • Refining and mastering your creative work so that it not only pops with "you-ness" but it also becomes a magnet to your fans, followers, producers, and collaborators

  • Learning to maintain balance as a creatively minded and highly sensitive artist magnified by challenges of high visibility and high pressures that come with life in show business and entertainment 

  • Breaking negative habits or building new habits so you can establish patterns conducive to a sustainable creative life and practice

  • Dispelling your feelings of Impostor Syndrome so you can rise to the new opportunities that your career invariably throws at you as you reach new levels of success

  • Managing anxiety, stress, phobias, bad habits or life transitions with more ease

David McLean, Composer

"I'm left with a real sense of relief that the struggles are normal. I just feel more of an acceptance of my creative work and more of a prioritization of my creativity. Holly is really good at identifying the obstacles and figuring out a comprehensive plan to get around them." 

Why coaching + hypnosis?


Since starting this work, I've witnessed people go from frozen to focused, from crippling stage fright and anxiety to literally rock stardom.  I've guided people through writing an entirely new album in two weeks and I've even seen 50 year long phobias fade away completely after 3 months of hypnosis.  Some describe this process as though feeling like the furniture in their mind is rearranged and the cobwebs dusted out.  It's refreshing and leaves you feeling like the REAL you.


I used to work with people only using coaching and somatic experiencing and had great results, but ever since becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist, I've noticed a profound and deep change for people.  Old blocks and resistance simply aren't there any more - the charge is gone - and new healthier habits are formed easily.

The beauty of this combo that I do is that the coaching helps you become aware of and get clear on what’s happening when you come into my room with a problem, so you can understand why you're freezing up during an audition, not practicing even though you love your work, shying away from being able to tell people what you do, or having a hard time taking that next leap in your career. 


Then the hypnosis helps you realize the subconscious underpinnings of the problem and release it so it’s not just something on your to-do list to work on but rather something you’ve shifted and moved at its core from your subconscious.

"Holly is a compassionate and inspiring creativity coach. I worked with her in 2014 and it was a great experience. She helped me shape my artistry and supported my vision. I highly recommend working with her!"

Briget Boyle, Vocalist and Songwriter

Cera Byer, L.A. Dancer and Choreographer

"Holly showed up at exactly the right time for me. I was feeling stuck. I was in a big transition in my dance life. I was starting a new company after a several year hiatus from directing. I was changing artistic directions. I was scared. I was unsure of myself.


Working with Holly brought a lot of clarity to my process, but it also helped me build a lot of certainty in myself, in my vision, and in what I have to offer.


Since we completed our program there have been other times when I've needed support and Holly has been right there. Follow up sessions and conversations with her always make me feel more confident, more sure, and more clear on what I want and how to proceed.


Holly is a tremendous coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to break down some internal barriers and expand themselves and their art.

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