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Episode 5

How Do I Get Creative Without Pot?

Award Ribbon



February 21st, 2018

“How do I access the stoned dancer when I’m not stoned?” Listen as Holly answers this question and coaches a professional dancer wanting to find a different way other than marijuana to access her creative genius when she choreographs. The episode covers insights into the way marijuana works with creativity, how to achieve a natural high, the four essential components in creating trance states without drugs, and tips for breaking bad habits. Includes commentary from a musician/composer and a middle-school science teacher who enjoy the benefits of marijuana and see no reason to stop. This episode is 420 friendly and simply provides alternatives for those wishing to create without using substances.

Our guest for this episode chose to remain anonymous.


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Holly Shaw is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Creativity Coach and Bestselling Author.  She got her first agent when she was 12 years old and has spent a lifetime in film, T.V. and on professional stages all over the world as a SAG actor, dancer, and director. Now she shares her passion for the problems that artists face as a Creativity Coach and has helped hundreds of artists, from Emmy award winning and Grammy nominated artists to world class choreographers overcome their stage fright, impostor syndrome, and creative blocks so that they can create original work and totally kill it onstage again and again without feeling like they're selling out or losing their sanity. Her book, The Creative Formula: Compose, Choreograph, and Capture Your Masterpiece has become an Amazon bestseller.  

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