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Episode 6 with Jeffrey Weissman

Power Games and Your Creative Career

February 28th, 2018

Do you feel powerless over the success of your career? “Making it” can often feel like it’s defined by someone else and has nothing to do with how hard you work or how good you are. From casting directors, producers, people who hire you for a gig, to the audience themselves - there is often a sense of giving over your power to everyone else in hopes of being one of the “chosen few” in the spotlight. In this episode, Holly talks with Jeffrey Weissman, an actor for over 40 years about the power struggle in Hollywood, how to get ahead and succeed in the film industry, and we hear his firsthand account of how he was caught in the middle of a controversial power struggle over the casting of Back to the Future II. This episode includes an Initiation Exercise to help you shift your mindset from powerless to powerful - and to shake up the Power Paradigm.


More video tips from acting coach, Jeffrey Weissman, can be found in the Interviews with Artists Video Library.


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Jeffrey Weissman has appeared in over 100 film and television roles in his forty plus year career. On the big screen, leads in Back to the Future II & III, Pale Rider, Twilight Zone the Movie, Corked!, Savior of None, and others. On T.V. he’s had guest spots on Diagnosis Murder, Scarecrow & Mrs King, Save By the Bell, The Man Show, and many others. On stage he recently played Parry in the stage version of The Fisher King, Igor in Young Frankenstein the Musical, & has been in over a hundred others. Jeffrey’s performed internationally as Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Groucho Marx, Larry Fine, Mark Twain and a host of original characters on film, TV, stage, theme parks, trade shows, cruises, private events and environmental shows. Mr. Weissman helped found Los Angeles Theater Sports, and has been artistic director of several improvisation troupes. He mentors many, and teaches at San Francisco Acting Academy, Sonoma State University and privately.

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