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Episode 15 with Ayden Graham and Mark Pearson

Orignal You Part II

Balancing Business and Creativity

May 2nd, 2018

Are you feeling burned out from trying to balance the business side of being a professional artist with the creative side? Listen as Holly talks once again with guests, singer/songwriter, Ayden Graham, and entertainment lawyer, Mark Pearson.  Find out why it’s important to work on pieces that are “hot” for you, as we talk about selling your art, using failure as a springboard for success, and overcoming self-doubt.


You’ll also learn 10 ways to get into Alignment with being creative even when you’re overwhelmed so that you can Make Art in the Middle of the Madness.


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Ayden Graham is an indie folk rock singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up on the music of Sting, Cat Stevens, and The Beatles, he began his career busking in front of the local Three Twins Ice Cream shop. With a regular spot at the Sweetwater Saloon, Graham exploded onto the local music scene as a promising young voice. During two solo trips to Ireland, Graham sharpened his fiddle playing in the pubs and sang on the streets for his supper. While studying literature and electronic music at UCSC, Ayden was introduced to the underground rock, jazz and reggae scenes of Santa Cruz. Graham began to craft a unique artistic identity, incorporating his poignant lyrics with the myriad influences that surrounded him. Ayden Graham released his debut Wooden Bones EPNovember 2017. Find more at

Mark A. Pearson is a principal attorney at ARC Law Group, a law firm focused on counseling creative, talented and entrepreneurial clients. His primary practice areas involve forming business entities, counseling on trademark & copyright issues, and drafting entertainment and technology contracts. His list of clients includes musicians, actors, film & television producers, live entertainment companies, video game developers, online content providers and artists. Mark has negotiated deals with Disney, HBO, LucasFilm (Skywalker Sound) and the Golden State Warriors and worked on projects for MTV Networks and Nintendo of America. Learn more at

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- Data Bunk


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