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Episode 30 with Holly Shaw

Raw and REAL! Dealing with Post-Performance Disappointment

August 22nd, 2018

How do you deal when you are hating on yourself after a disappointing performance? Holly records her raw thoughts and hurt feelings as she grapples with a less than stellar performance the night before - straight from her tent at a music and dance festival. Listen as she shares first hand her moment to moment experience, thoughts and how she finally manages to let go of her story and trade the ugly voices in her head for the loving ones of those around her.  Before you downward spiral or give up on yourself, listen to this!

Interested in learning more ways to cope so that you can keep killing it onstage and creating great work?

Check out the upcoming group coaching program led by Holly Shaw starting September 7th:  Tuning the Creative Mind: Self-Hypnosis for Actors and Artists.

Class size is limited and there are only a few spaces left so enroll now to secure your spot!





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Photograph of Holly taken by Lucia Pavone during the performance discussed in episode

Holly Shaw got her first agent when she was 12 years old and has spent a lifetime in film, T.V. and on professional stages all over the world as an actor, dancer, and director. Now she shares her passion for the problems that artists face as a Creativity Coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist and has helped hundreds of artists, from Emmy award winning and Grammy nominated artists to world class choreographers overcome their stage fright, impostor syndrome, and creative blocks so that they can create original work and totally kill it onstage again and again without feeling like they're selling out or losing their sanity. Her book, The Creative Formula: Compose, Choreograph, and Capture Your Masterpiece has become an Amazon bestseller.  

Fun Fact: Before becoming a coach and hypnotherapist, Holly was a professional flamenco dancer for fifteen years, performing as a soloist with the internationally renowned company, Caminos Flamencos, starring as a guest artist in L.A.'s Forever Flamenco at L.A.'s Fountain Theatre, and performing with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. Shaw's own choreographic work has been commissioned by the Hewlitt Foundation of the Arts, the Edinburgh Arts Festival, Caminos Flamencos and the WestWave Festival.  

Now a sought after speaker, Shaw hosts the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast on the VoiceAmerica Network while speaking and doing workshops at universities, conferences and places such as the Screen Actors Guild in San Francisco and Los Angeles on creativity, performance and stage fright.

A certified hypnotherapist, she helps clients, musicians, actors, dancers, overcome stage fright, creative blocks and build positive habits necessary to sustain long successful careers in the performing arts.

. . . and sometimes, she still dances;)

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