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Episode 26 with Jade Raybin

Critical Feedback and the Importance of Guarding Your Creative Fire

July 25th, 2018

Taking criticism isn’t always easy and people don’t always have your best intentions in mind when they give it. In this episode, we dish about this with guest and feedback veteran, Jade Raybin. Listen and learn about the best ways to give critiques and how to receive them, how to discern the note within the note, the importance of guarding your creative fire from unsolicited comments, creative suffering, the body’s role in creativity, unlocking your personal motivators and more in this fun chat with brilliant award winning screenwriter, playwright, and choreographer, Jade Raybin. 


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Jade Raybin was raised by artistic criminals, so of course she writes about people getting away with wild schemes and pushing the edge - for better or worse. She writes about social experiments, where a “what if?” comes true and comeuppance is delivered through magical or sociological means. Whether she's writing a heist movie, a love story, a period drama, or a revenge thriller, love, magic, and the absurd abound.


Her film writing credits include JW Marriott's action comedy Two Bellman (SoH), Over the Moon (distributed by Shorts Int.) 3 Sisters (beats antique.)

As a playwright, credits include: Low Hanging Fruit & America’s Next New Anchor (Drama Mamas), 14 Times in Two Weeks (EPI), Blindspot (T-4), I Dream Reality & Operation Cool (CTE), and Superhero Academy, a self-esteem building activity book for kids.


She holds an MFA in Experimental Theater with a concentration in Performance Activism. Her pilot, The Golden Cage, placed as top ten finalist in a UCLA'a writing competition.


For more info, please visit

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