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Zoe Jakes, internationally renowned dancer and composer with Beats Antique

Discover Your Creative DNA

Based on the The Creative Formula Book:  this quiz will help you understand where your genius is and illuminate those areas where you could shore up your weaknesses by working with others.

Do you ever struggle with unpredictable waves of creativity? You've spent the better part of your life working creatively and yet still sometimes your heart secretely skips a beat as you're caught off guard by the stabbing thought, "Am I going down the right path? Is all this work worth anything?" and worst of all

"Who do I think I am, anyway?"

That's why I've created this Creative DNA Quiz. So that you, as a performer, artist, creative person can see yourself so clearly that you know exactly where to focus your energy.  

That question of, is this right? won't be calling the shots anymore. 

I've spent my lifetime researching the creative path, myself having spent 20 years as a professional actor, dancer, and choreographer and now coach to others including Emmy award winning and internationally renowned artists.  


And I've discovered keys to help you unlock the thriving artist within the "wild west" of your creative mind.


What I know is that when you understand your Creative DNA, or the blueprint you were born with, and can stand fully in your most innate gifts, then opportunities arise more easily and you can do great work and get the recognition that you really want.

Scroll up and press "Start" 

to begin uncovering the pieces you've been missing all along.


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Photo by Anastasia Kuba

Holly Shaw, Creativity Coach

and Bestselling Author of The Creative Formula

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