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Episode 12 with Brett Rhodes

Your Sensitivity Is A Superpower

April 11th, 2018

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Have you ever been accused of being “too sensitive”?  Find out how your sensitivity is actually a superpower, not a hindrance, when it comes to being an artist in this episode with psychotherapist, Brett Rhodes, who specializes in HSP, or Highly Sensitive People.  You’ll learn about the D.O.E.S. characteristics of this trait, how to know if you are HSP or not, and how you can use it to benefit your work as an artist and use it as guidance instead of triggers. Holly & Brett play a fun game with listeners’ commentary - “Highly Sensitive or Not?” and you’ll get insights into how to deal with criticism as a Highly Sensitive Person.


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Brett Rhodes

As an LCSW, Brett has been practicing psychotherapy in Los Angeles for the past 15 years. In his own life, Brett struggled with the challenges of high sensitivity from childhood in a family of non-sensitives. Throughout his early adulthood, he struggled to understand why he felt so ill-equipped for a world that seemed overwhelming to him. It was so painful that when he finally discovered how to manage his sensitivity, he felt compelled to focus his therapeutic work on helping other highly sensitive people discover their sensitive superpowers. Since then, he's helped highly sensitive people advance in their careers, build their businesses, increase their income, thrive in healthy relationships and accept and celebrate their sensitivity as the superpower it is meant to be. He holds a weekly Meetup called Sensitive Superheroes, for Highly Sensitive People in West LA. Find more information at

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