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Episode 37 with Marianna Mejia

Dancing With Our Ancestors

October 17th, 2018

How do you envision yourself aging as an artist?  My guest today never imagined she’d be dancing and performing and teaching into her 70’s and yet she is! This fall we’ll skirt the edges of the spirit world as we talk with guests who channel the dead to write movies and allow their ancestors to play piano with them - starting with this guest, flamenco dancer, writer, avid spiritual practitioner, Marianna Mejia.


This episode included music from:


  • Guitar playing by Frederico Mejia recorded by Dave Borson on a reel to reel at the Cabal in Berkeley 1968 or 1963.

  • Carcelero: Freddie Mejia playing Harp on a CD with Luis Agujetas singing and Gary Hayes (Geraldo de Alcala) playing guitar. 

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Born in 1944, Marianna Mejia is a writer, Flamenco dancer and teacher, psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner. As a writer, her lyrical prose and poetry explores the themes of life, death, and aging.  An avid spiritual practitioner, Marianna incorporates decades of shamanic and psychotherapeutic training into her works and inspires her readers to seek out alternate ways of knowing and seeing the world.  As a wise woman in her 70’s, Marianna is grateful to be looking back on a life well-lived; from this vantage point she offers unique insights and perspectives from her journey. To see, follow, and like her writing, please visit

This episode was sponsored by Artists United - a non-profit organization empowering individual artists to create excellent art and to unite all artists to create social change. Artists who work alone create art. Artists who work together create change.

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