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Episode 31 with Meli Alexander

Audition with Improv:

A Coaching Call With An Actor

August 29th, 2018

Ever felt like the audition process is set up to fail you? You’ll love this coaching episode with SAG Hollywood actor, Meli Alexander as she relays a recent co-star audition that didn’t go as she hoped and I coach her through how to approach it better next time.  We talk about how to use your natural gifts in auditions, improvisation as a tool to conquer self-doubt and how to bounce back after bombing.


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Meli Alexander was born in Hartford, CT. An accomplished chef, she had aspirations of becoming a registered dietitian and food sociologist. However, her focus is being a full time professional actor and producer.


Meli has helped produce (and has acted in) projects such as “Who Killed the Bible Salesman?” and “Blueprint”.Meli’s first national commercial for 1-800-Flowers features her in two scenes. She has also been featured in "Dog with a Blog" as a Christmas singer and "Alien Encounters: 3" as a Brid-Mom! Her first principal role was playing a chef in a Toyota tie-in for “Quantico: The Recruits”.


You can see Meli in as a baker, etc. in two different segments of “Ghost Story Club” as part of “Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack”. You can also see her featured on a Season 3 episode of “Bizaardvark” as an elusive teacher! For more info, please check out

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