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Episode 28 with Blair Hickey

Casting & Collaboration: How to Find Your Fellow Storytellers

August 8th, 2018

Isn't it great when you find those people you truly love working with? Join us as we talk with veteran actor and founder of Casting About, Blair Hickey, as we discuss what casting directors really want, how to find your actor's type, what it means to be a unique storyteller and more! If you are feeling a little dis-empowered, like you're just waiting to be "picked" then this episode will shift how you look at your career, casting, collaboration and help you discover: what kind of storyteller are you?


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Blair Hickey has been a working actor for over twenty years. He graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from Brown University, started his career in New York working on stage and with recurring roles on daytime soaps. Since moving to Los Angeles, Blair’s worked primarily in television, appearing in such shows as NCIS:LA, TOUCH, HARRY'S LAW, HEROES, MEDIUM, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, GHOST WHISPERER, ALLY MCBEAL, THE PRACTICE and CHICAGO HOPE. In 2004, Blair co-created CastingAbout, the online casting and production guide. In 2009, CastingAbout was acquired by Breakdown Services, where Blair continues to serve as a developer and consultant. Blair is also a proud husband, a daddy of two beautiful girls, and a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. Learn more at

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