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Episode 9 with Arya Jha and Emily Zisman

Promoting Your Work Part II:

Getting Over the "Ick" and The Art of the Vulnerable Share

March 21st, 2018

Do you sometimes feel icky about self-promotion? Or you’re just unsure about how to get the word out so you can actually have an audience, a fan base, a following? In this Part II episode of the Promoting Your Work Series, Holly covers the “inner game” of this topic. You’ll discover 4 questions you can ask to help you work through your resistance around self-promotion, learn about “The Art of the Vulnerable Share,” and get ideas for how you can promote your work in a way that feels good as we continue the coaching session with singer/songwriter, Emily Zisman and booking agent, Arya Jha. This episode delivers the powerful mindset shift that you need in order to get out there and actually start promoting your work. Listeners can pick up their free gift, Build Your ‘You Are ‘Da Bomb!’ Bio Minicourse, and the BONUS, The Art of the Vulnerable Share on the PodcastGifts Page.

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Emily Zisman is a Folk-Americana singer-songwriter born and raised in the SF Bay Area, trained in New York City, and well-weathered and inspired by her travels and a restless heart. In 2009, Emily released her debut album Naked Day Alone in which includes little glimpses into the inner workings of her mind with unapologetic honesty. In 2017 she released her 2nd album Weeds & Wildflowers and is working on her third album releasing in 2018 in conjunction with a tour of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to her solo work, Emily Zisman is part of the electronic duo Chance’s End, a violin-electronica project with violinist Ryan Avery. Emily is an in-demand vocalist, performing regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area with groups such as The Americano Social Club, and band Grand Avenue Soul. Taking her cues from artists like Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco, Emily Zisman sings about our vulnerabilities and fears, love and conflict.

Arya Jha is a talent buyer, marketing director, public relations coordinator and zoo-keeper currently based out of San Francisco. Since 2014 she has been working for Boom Boom Room Presents, a venue and production company, producing 300+ shows annually in both New Orleans and San Francisco. Soon after moving here from New York City in 2013, Arya's main focus and passion has been to work with artists to sustain the live music scene, on both a local and national level. Using the venue, networking and blogging as a tool, Arya helps artists share their voice to wider audience bases, in hopes of aiding the musical community around us.

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