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Episode 33 with Adam White and Jonathan Strange

What You Can Learn from Street Performers

September 12th, 2018

How do you captivate an audience when they’re on their way to somewhere else? For this week’s episode listen as Holly spends the day at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and talks with two street performers: Adam White, the M.C. of Bay Area Breakerz, break-dancing crew; and  Jonathan Strange, an award winning magician. Find out what it takes to gather a crowd, keep them entertained, and get them to pay when the show’s already over! You’ll also hear Holly’s own story of busking in her early days and get inspiration and tips for taking your own work into public spaces for this month’s #PACLchallenge.


Take your work into public spaces during the month of September with the Performers and Creators Lab Performance Challenge! Share a video of it on social media with the hashtag #PACLchallenge and be entered to win a spot as the featured guest on the final 2018 season episode of the podcast! Click here for full contest details.







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For close to 15 years, Jon Strange has been wowing audiences around the country with his mind-bending illusions and sharp, incisive wit. Whether performing at the famous Shelton Theatre in San Francisco, at charity events and low-income housing benefits around the Bay Area, or for celebrities like Jason Alexander and Carmelo Anthony, Strange is always in his element. Jonathan currently resides in lovely San Francisco as a full-time magician. Learn more by visiting

Adam White is the M.C. and director of Bay Area Breakerz, a premiere break-dancing crew comprised of 11 dancers, many award winning dancers who have been featured on the So You Think You Can Dance T.V. show and other places.  Adam has been street performing since he was twelve years old and has been honing his craft for the past 16 years. Ask him what "hip-hop" means and he'll tell you: Healthy Independent People Helping Other People. His crew leads a drug-free lifestyle and their mission is to spread love through the art of dance.

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