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So You're A Mother And An Artist?

Episode 16 with Annie Bacon, Holly Gibson, Jessica Klinke, and Michelle Elise Shock

May 9th, 2018

Being both a mother and an artist is challenging because you want to give 100% to both of those things. . . and that’s impossible.  Listen to this very special Mother’s Day episode where Holly interviews four mothers who are also professional artists about how they do it, what they feel like they’ve sacrificed, when they feel guilty, and how they feel it benefits their kids.  You’ll hear from a dancer, a podcaster, a singer/songwriter band leader, a film producer and editor, and an actress/stuntwoman. Some of them do their art full-time, some of them fit it in the cracks when they can.Their stories are inspiring and real.


They aren’t superhuman. They are making it work just like you and me, one day, one moment at a time. This episode is for all the women or persons who take care of people and feel the struggle between nurturing their dreams and nurturing someone else’s.

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Annie Bacon is a songwriter/musician in San Francisco. She aches for a more empathic humanity and her creativity orbits around this. Essentially folk music at its roots, her humanist songs twist and surge under the influence of her past life as bassist in renegade rock band Sweet Crude Bill and an obsession with melody. The effect is an emotional, soaring and deeply satisfying set that evokes Fleetwood Mac, Patsy Cline and Feist. Annie also composed a Folk Opera, coordinates the San Francisco chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association, and is an editor and music writer for The Bay Bridged. Find out more at


Jessica Klinke is a (re)emerging audio artist, producer, and folklorist. She started out spinning records on WXYC in Chapel Hill, while working on a Master’s Degree in Folklore. She moved on to become a senior producer of Carolina Breakdown, a weekly interview program and podcast. Her ethnographic fieldwork has taken her from the Piedmont of North Carolina, to the heart of downtown Chicago, to the deep desert playa of Black Rock City. She managed to drag her son to four countries on three continents before he was two. Recently dusting off her microphone, Jessica is launching The Secret Lives of Mothers, a new podcast series exploring the lost identities of women who have chosen to raise children, and how they can get their lives back. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts beginning May 14, 2018. Find out more at


Michelle Elise is a classically trained actress, as well as a professional musician & sponsored athlete. Michelle's multiple leading & featured roles can be seen in films & television on major networks like HULU, Discovery ID, TNT and more. Prior to 2012, Michelle starred in several acclaimed productions, including Theatre Downtown's "Chicago", as Roxie Hart. ​ The same year she was also cast in her first ever film in the supporting role of Micca for "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" (as seen on El Rey TV). Following her debut in this fun thriller, Michelle worked on several other notable projects as an actress and special skills performer including USA TV's "Graceland", Microsoft Gaming's "Horizon Motorsports 3", and others. In 2016 she as hired for her first official stunt position, filming a commercial spot for Virgin Airlines as a motorcyclist. Soon after, she would begin training for future positions with the Bay Area Stunt team. Find out more at


Holly Gibson: "Growing up, I always had a strong connection to art. This led me through film school at the Rhode Island School of Design, where my first class in documentary film made me realize that my brain is wired for editing and problem-solving. After college I took my first bellydance class, and was then immersed in the Bay Area dance scene for several years as a member of two dance companies and later a teacher and solo performer of fusion bellydance. At the same time, I continued with my career in video as a producer and editor in the world of nonfiction and journalism. Currently I am Head of Post Production at AJ+, and when I’m not spending time with my family you can find me playing tamborim with Grupo Samba Rio."

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