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"Yes! This is the cutting edge of our cultural evolution  - Holly Shaw leads us into the secret world of ritual and performance."

- Monique Rebelle

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E34 with Ranella Ferrer

Creatively Fit, Fabulous and Glowing!

September 19, 2018

You may recognize this week’s guest, singer Ranella Ferrer, from her starring appearance on Khloé Kardashian’s T.V. Show, Revenge Body, and in this week’s episode we talk about how she went from one of the most sought after singers in Hollywood to dropping out of music, gaining weight, and falling into a depression.  Now returning to music full force after Revenge Body, Ranella shares an inspirational look at how important it is to feed our creative fitness as she talks about performing for stadiums of 20,000 people, sharing her gift, and finding love.

Episode 32 with Ron Roecker

Surrounding Yourself With The Right Team

September 05, 2018

In this episode overflowing with stories and heart, talent and brand manager, Ron Roecker will blow your mind with tales from working with some of the industry's best and brightest in music and entertainment over his 20 year career. Ron shares his secrets on gathering the right team, reflects on "authenticity" and answers the question: What is the difference between an artist and an icon? Listen to find out!

Episode 27 with Suzanna Yada

Social Media Hustle: Worth It Or A Waste?

August 01, 2018

Not sure if your social media posting and promoting is actually doing you any good?  Listen to this episode where Holly is joined by digital marketing expert and independent artist, Suzanne Yada also known as Little Spiral as she explains what you might be doing wrong, effective methods for attracting your audience with social media, email lists and more. You’ll get the down low on effective FB strategies, and fresh creative ideas for inviting your ideal audience in and minimizing your time at the computer so you can make more art instead.  We also dive into the paradox of the day job artist and why it’s ok to have a side gig.

Episode 25 with Enon Gaines from Unlikely Heroes

How to Talk About Your Craft with Confidence

July 18, 2018

As an artist, it isn’t uncommon to feel at a loss when asked about what you do. In this episode, you’ll hear about a two-step process for answering that question in a way that feels genuine and makes people interested to hear more. Joined by the lead singer/rapper of Unlikely Heroes, Enon Gaines, Holly coaches him through the process and more as Enon shares about the burnout experience of being a new popular band, the meaning behind the name, “Unlikely Heroes,” and what family wounds songwriting has healed for him. This episode energized by the music of Unlikely Heroes and includes a bonus rap improvisation with Enon.

Episode 23 with John Morgan

The "It" Factor and Neuroscience

July 03, 2018

What is the “it” factor, anyway? That charisma or magnetism that we can’t quite explain that makes a certain artist seem to crackle with attractive energy? We act like it’s something that you either have or you don’t. But what if you could cultivate it? This episode, with neuroscientist and founder of Sparkmesh, John Morgan, explores the science and psychology behind the “it” factor. We’ll also talk about how music affects brain activity, what position is best when you’re in a line-up with other artists, the connection between stage fright and trance states, how you communicate with your audience when you don’t even realize you’re doing it and more. Included is a new Initiation Exercise for a pre-show ritual you can use before auditions, going on stage or any kind of public speaking. 

Episode 22 with Holly Shaw

10 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Artist's Bio

June 20, 2018

Do you need to write a new Artist’s Biography but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right? You’re in the right place! In this episode I give you 10 Tips and Best Practices for writing effective great bios for programs, websites, grant proposals, and for any occasion so that you can stand out from the crowd and let people know from just the first sentence why they should care about you and keep reading no matter where you are in your career! You’ll learn about common mistakes and what not to do when deciding what to put in or leave out of your bio.  You’ll also hear about my brand new episode series, Women In Hollywood, that’s coming soon, about the 36th annual San Francisco Jazz Festival, Monsieur Periné, why being in the audience pisses me off just a little.  Click here to go to podcast gifts and sign up for a free copy of the Build Your 'You Are 'Da Bomb!' Bio Minicourse>>

Episode 20 with Billy Procida

Vulnerability Is Sexy

June 06, 2018

Being honest and vulnerable in your performances is hot . . . because it’s captivating! But it can be hard because if you put it all out there then what if people don’t like it? Does it mean they don’t like you? But what if. .  .vulnerability, isn’t as hard as you think it is? What if it’s easy? In this episode, Holly interviews comedian and host of The Manwhore podcast, Billy Procida about how he’s able to be so open about his sex life and relationships and put it all out there for his audience.  Learn from his stories of how he’s navigated social media haters and broadcasting his own breakups in order to create a show that’s been named one of the top 10 sex podcasts by and inspires a devoted fan base that sends him whisky when he’s going through hard times.  Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary Build Your You Are ‘Da Bomb Bio Minicourse here.

Episode 17 with Holly Shaw

Original You Part III: The 5 Components of Artistic Voice

May 16, 2018

How would you like to have people not only appreciate your work, but also stick around, become followers and eventually devoted fans? This is the power of having a well-developed Artistic Voice. And in this episode, Holly explains exactly what it is, why it’s important and how you can begin clarifying yours. We’ll cover the 5 Components of Artistic Voice, examples of artists who’ve developed it and those who haven’t, as well as the biggest mistakes you’ll want to avoid when it comes to Artistic Voice. Buckle up for an introspective deep dive into what makes you unique and discover how to stand in a category all your own!

Episode 15 with Ayden Graham & Mark Pearson

Original You Part II: Balancing Business with Creativity

May 02, 2018

Are you feeling burned out from trying to balance the business side of being a professional artist with the creative side? Listen as Holly talks once again with guests, singer/songwriter, Ayden Graham, and entertainment lawyer, Mark Pearson.  Find out why it’s important to work on pieces that are “hot” for you, as we talk about selling your art, using failure as a springboard for success, and overcoming self-doubt. You’ll also learn 10 ways to get into Alignment with being creative even when you’re overwhelmed so that you can Make Art in the Middle of the Madness. 

Episode 14 with Ayden Graham and Mark Pearson

Original You: Copycats, Copyrights, and Owning Your Art

April 25, 2018

Ever worried someone might steal your work? And what would you do if someone accused YOU of copying theirs? We cover these questions with guests, singer/songwriter, Ayden Graham and entertainment lawyer, Mark Pearson as we explore topics like art ownership and stealing like an artist, as we discuss the famous copyright battles of Prince and Pharrell Williams. Holly also shares 7 Mistakes that Cause You Anxiety about Art Ownership. This episode is Part I of Original You, a series where we’ll dive into what it means to be unique, and how to safeguard it, sell it, and define your artistic voice. The legal information provided in this episode is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for qualified legal advice given by counsel of your choosing. Neither Mark A. Pearson nor Holly Shaw dba Performers & Creators Lab shall hold any responsibility for your reliance on the information provided.

Episode 9 with Arya Jha and Emily Zisman

Promoting Your Work Part II: Getting Over the "Ick" and The Art of the Vulnerable Share

March 21, 2018

It's time to go deeper!  Do you sometimes feel icky about self-promotion? Or you’re just unsure about how to get the word out so you can actually have an audience, a fan base, a following?  In this Part II episode of the Promoting Your Work Series, Holly covers the “inner game” of this topic. You’ll discover 4 questions you can ask to help you work through your resistance around self-promotion, learn about “The Art of the Vulnerable Share,” and get ideas for how you can promote your work in a way that feels good as we continue the coaching session with singer/songwriter, Emily Zisman and booking agent, Arya Jha.  This episode delivers the powerful mindset shift that you need in order to get out there and actually start promoting your work. Listeners can pick up their free gift, Build Your ‘You Are ‘Da Bomb!’ Bio Minicourse, and the BONUS, The Art of the Vulnerable Share here.

Episode 8 with Arya Jha and Emily Zisman

Promoting Your Work: Booking Agent Shares Brass Tacks Tips

March 14, 2018

Do you sometimes feel icky about self-promotion? Or you’re just unsure about how to get the word out so you can actually have an audience, a fan base, a following? In this episode and the next one we dive all in and around and over and through this topic. In this rich double-interview with Emily Zisman, a singer/songwriter who wants to know how to promote her work, and Arya Jha, a marketing & PR booking agent, who wants to share her insider expertise with entertainers - you’ll hear about the 70:20:10 rule, you’ll get creative marketing ideas, and learn exactly what booking agents are looking for when they produce shows. And this is just the beginning. Next week in Part II we’ll go deeper and take a look at the “inner game” mindset shift you need to make in order to get out there and actually start promoting your work. Listeners can pick up their free gift, Build Your ‘You Are ‘Da Bomb!’ Bio Minicourse, at

Episode 6 with Jeffrey Weissman

Power Games and Your Creative Career

February 28, 2018

Do you feel powerless over the success of your career? “Making it” can often feel like it’s defined by someone else and has nothing to do with how hard you work or how good you are.  From casting directors, producers, people who hire you for a gig, to the audience themselves - there is often a sense of giving over your power to everyone else in hopes of being one of the “chosen few” in the spotlight. In this episode, Holly talks with Jeffrey Weissman, an actor for over 40 years about the power struggle in Hollywood, how to get ahead and succeed in the film industry, and we hear his firsthand account of how he was caught in the middle of a controversial power struggle over the casting of Back to the Future II.  This episode includes an Initiation Exercise to help you shift your mindset from powerless to powerful - and to shake up the Power Paradigm.   More video tips from acting coach, Jeffrey Weissman, can be found here.

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