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The First Step to End Spiraling Self-Doubt

Do you know what is worse than flop sweating or a racing heartbeat? The stories we make up about them. When we go into panic mode (otherwise known as fight or flight) then we also tend to start spiraling into self-doubt and self-conscious thoughts. That's why I created The Windmill Exercise which I've now taught to hundreds of performing artists at unions and universities and groups all over the U.S. It's great for getting you out of your head and into what I like to call, The Optimum Mindset. Recently, I taught this technique at a workshop at Screen Actors Guild in San Francisco. Check out the video, where I share Step 1 of The Watermill: I explain the secret behind non-judgement value thoughts: BIG LOVE, Holly P.S. Do you want to learn the entire five step process of The Windmill Exercise? You're in luck;) I'll be teaching it again at the Musicians Union Local 6 in San Francisco this coming Monday Night. Check out the workshop details on their website here. I'd love to see you there!

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