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Calm and Clarity During a Crisis

I know that with the worldwide quarantining, many of us are finding ourselves newly isolated and feeling thrown into uncertain times. Everyone handles it differently. Maybe you are spending all day in your pajamas thinking of all the things you feel like you "should" be doing. Or perhaps you are actually feeling motivated to get your house in preparedness mode, create new video content, or stream yourself on social media. Whether you're called into action or stuck in fear or worry, I want you to know that You are perfectly fine exactly where you are. Who can say what one mode of being is the correct one in times like these? . . . we have never really lived anything like this in this lifetime, right? I know that for the first few days I felt really stressed and harried. As a single mom, I live alone with my 17 year old son and while I'm very blessed and grateful that my income is secure and I do tend to love being at home, the idea of not getting out and being social started a low level rise of panic in my chest every time I thought of it. On top of that, it seemed like everyone on social media was instantly writing inspiring posts about all the things they were doing and how grateful they were for their family, their husband, their loved ones just made me feel even more alone. How was I supposed to do even more when I was trying to manage my own anxiety? And so, I just . . . didn't. For a few days, I didn't do much beyond eat well, sleep in and manage the basic necessities of life. And here's the real game changer: every day around 3pm, I would lie down horizontally, close my eyes and relax. Sometimes I listened to a self-hypnosis recording, or some music, but sometimes I just chilled and felt how good it felt to feel the bones of my body resting with no urgency to do anything. These 15 minutes a day changed everything. And so in this way, I took the pressure off until I could find an honest sense of calm and clarity. And that's when I felt called into action to reach out to my peeps like you:-) So, I would like to simply show up to support you over these next few Sundays from my honest sense of calm and clarity to lead a group hypnosis/meditation helping you to release any anxiety, fear, worry and concerns that may be distressing you these days. If nothing else, you will give yourself a break. From the drama. As you already know, hypnosis is super effective at releasing fear and anxiety and really finding a sense of happiness and ease and clarity in present moment. So come and get it!

The first Sunday session we did was amazing and hugely attended, so I've decided to do this every Sunday from now until the end of shelter-in-place. RSVP to let me know you wanna join me for a relaxing session of releasing and unwinding to find new calm and clarity. It's gonna be profound. BIG LOVE, Holly Calm and Clarity Group Hypnosis led by Holly Shaw, CHT Every Sunday, March 22nd - May 31st, 2020 10am-10:30am PST

(entire session typically lasts 30-40 min, tho never more than 1 hour tops!) normally only for paid clients, but because of global pandemic, I'm currently offering this FREE! online via Zoom video conferencing click on this link to RSVP and get the link to join

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