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How to Create When You Don't Know Where to Begin

Have you ever felt a pull to create something, but you've felt too down or too "in the dark" to even know where to begin? Of course, it's great when we get that hit of inspiration and ideas begin flowing to us effortlessly! We feel fantastic! Like we are masters of our own creativity!!! Hazaaaa! But it doesn't always go down like that, right? We don't always get to have the most ideal circumstances from which to create. Sometimes we are depressed. Sometimes we are drained, or simply uninspired. I've certainly been feeling sad by world events lately and affected physically and emotionally by the California fire smoke. ​​And yet, I've also been feeling a calling to create some videos using poetry, music, and movement. . . And so the other day, not knowing where I might end up I just began creating from right where I was. And I made this video and realized it might just be the thing you need to hear too.

If you've been feeling down lately, or waiting to create until you're inspired, then watch this:

Turn the [SOUND ON] to watch:

Here's to you

beginning from anywhere




P.S. I personally found a lot of inspiration for creating from this week's podcast guest, choreographer and theater director, Erika Chong Shuch. Want a good listen today while you clean out your studio, or on your drive to pick up your creative materials? Listen to her interview here>>

An Artist's Prayer for Beginning

Today I will begin in the dark.

I will begin anywhere.

I will carve my creation from my self-doubt,

Look to the things I don't know how to say,

And become soft inside the hard lines.

I will make friends

with the old characters from my fairytales.

Trot out their plot lines

Exhaust all the options.

I'm just letting you know:

I'm beginning.

Right here.

In the dark.

And you're here too.

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