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An Actor's Type or Essence?

When you think of your "actor's type" it can often feeling like you're boxing yourself in - like you're - as the word would indicate - "stereotyping" yourself. But what if I was to tell you that your type is way more than that? That it's more like an essence that you can apply to many characters. And that it's something that you can't help but bring with you into nearly every role? In this recent interview with SAG actor and founder of Casting About, Blair Hickey, he goes into great detail about "actor's type" and shares that he is an "arm around you guy". Now you'll notice that this isn't so much a type as in lawyer, teacher, police officer as much as it denotes his essence. So, that being said, why kind of essence do you think you bring with you into every role? Here's a few questions to help you ponder this:

  • What do people expect from you? Think of your friends - what can they depend on you for?

  • How do you play with (or don't as much) with others? What role do you take? The leader? The instigator? The challenger? The maverick?

  • What kinds of role do you seem to play in your life again and again no matter what occupation, job, relationship, situation you're in?

Do you love this conversation about your actor's type? This is just one tiny sliver of what we talked about in the conversation with Blair Hickey - there was so much more great wisdom that he shared. Listen to this week's podcast episode to hear more from Blair himself>>


Holly Holly

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