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Is Your Desire Bigger than Your Fear?

If you feel like you have to always "keep it together" and only show only your most confident and bulletproof self, then . . . don't.

Watch this video below and listen to Raz's Kennedy's story instead.

This is one of my favorite podcast episodes that I've made so far because of how much Raz was eventually willing to share with me . . . and how much more respect I had more him because of it.

When I was cutting this episode together, sitting in my cozy basement, all alone at the computer with Raz's powerful vocals to accompany the story I just cried. I cried because it was so good.

I think sometimes we feel like only the most shiny parts of ourselves are acceptable and yet it is the vulnerable human parts of us that actually make us likeable, make us relatable and help us to tell our stories to the audience. The world doesn't want someone that is so fearless they can't even relate. The world needs you just as you are.

Want to hear more? Listen to the full episode on the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast E4: Be Afraid But Do It Anyway.

It's ok to just accept where you are afraid - be ok with your fear. But just be sure to make your passion and your fire and your hunger bigger.

Today, make your desire bigger than your fear.



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