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Breaking Through the Fear . . . What You Can Expect

Imagine yourself in the audition room free of all fear. Present and calm your creativity soars as you find yourself playful, connected, and energized.

I want this for you and I know this is possible.

I know you can spend weeks, months or even years learning in an acting class, but be secretly holding onto your fears or hiding the best bits of yourself for all that time.

This can be crippling to your career as an actor.

What I've learned is that it is never too late to break through this "mask" of fear and self-doubt. We can hold ourselves back for a lifetime . . . and then simply let ourselves go in a day.

Over the last seven years, I've worked with hundreds of artists in workshop intensives where I combine coaching with a safe container of community and witnessed breakthrough after breakthrough of the artists that attend.

And I sincerely hope that you will join me at one of the upcoming Break Through the Fear: Audition & Performance Lab Intensives in San Francisco or Los Angeles so that you can be the next.

In this hands-on experiential workshop,

You'll get:

  • Preparation Tools so you never have to feel anxious about forgetting your lines ever again. Learn a step-by-step process to memorize your lines in such a way that they are always accessible to you so you can stay present and connected in your scenes.

  • Leading Edge Techniques for connecting with the room or audience so you'll not only deliver, but take the whole room with you. Learn these finer techniques that take you from being an average performer to one who moves, inspires, and leaves the whole room wanting more.

  • Somatic Superpower Secrets for using your body to direct your stage fright so you can use it, and mine your own confidence. Learn exactly how you can shift your nervousness and make it work for you. Get instruction and experience harnessing and focusing your nervousness into magnetism.

  • Opportunities for clearing away negative beliefs, old patterns and whatever's blocking you. By far one of the most valuable things that Holly is uniquely equipped to help you with! Masterful at seeing through your "persona" and unearthing the gems of what you really have to offer, Holly is adept at connecting you back to what makes you truly unique so you can walk into any audition plugged into your power.

  • Tons of Exposure and Practice of these tools and techniques with experiential auditioning scenarios, onstage re-enactments and more. After a day of this work, you will find your whole attitude towards auditioning will have changed from one of fear or trepidation to one of calm and eagerness!

  • Coaching & Personal Feedback in a supportive environment held by an experienced teacher who is focused on bringing out your highest potential. In addition to being a lifelong actor and performer, Holly has also spent years leading transformational groups and has refined the process for creating safe spaces in community to unlock your highest creative potential. Again and again her workshop participants leave feeling triumphant and more connected to a group of kind, thriving, and successful artists."I liked our group and atmosphere the most.

"Never did I feel judged or anything other than genuine support, and each person entered with an open heart and such grace. You nurtured this atmosphere and it was wonderful." (workshop participant)


  • You'll also get instructions on how to set yourself up to continue practicing these skills after you leave so it's not just a "one-hit wonder" breakthrough that you forget about after you leave. You'll be given coaching on how you can experience a long-lasting shift and have a successful transition into new success.

  • A hardcopy of The Creative Formula, an Amazon bestselling book by Holly Shaw that reveals the three step proven effective formula for removing resistance and becoming your most creative self.

  • And you'll leave with your very own personalized self-hypnosis recording you can use again and again to help you re-frame your beliefs about auditioning or nervousnessso you can have lasting transformation after the workshop is over!

If you're thinking of doing this workshop, don't wait! I keep these intensives small in order to create the most effective and supportive atmosphere so the class will be filling up soon.

"At first it scared me. Or should I say terrified me. But I found the exercises leading up to the final group encounter and the group itself phenomenal in providing tools, safe spaces, encouragement, release so that performing in front of the group was actually amazing even as the process was incredibly challenging." (workshop participant)

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