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Do they love you or your stage persona?

Have you ever been with someone and got the sense that they were in love with your stage persona and not the "real" you? You don't have to be famous or even a celebrity to experience this. I think it just happens the moment you are up on a stage. It can appear glamorous to be there - no matter what you're doing and therefore performers often fall into the trap of having people around them fall in love with that - the glamour - instead of reality. Have you ever. . . . Met someone through online dating and then urged them not to "google" you? Felt like someone was looking at you with stars in their eyes, but then they bolt the moment that you show up in casual clothes or when you reveal your quirky sense of humor? . . . or any variation of this? My guest this week is a self-proclaimed B-List celebrity: host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, Srini Rao and I was surprised at how open he was to talk at length about the challenges of dating as a celebrity. We talked about dating, morning sex, seeking validation through your art and trying to live up to parental expectations in this Episode of the Performers & Creators Lab podcast. Have a listen and be comforted that you are not alone in your strange dating experiences! BIG LOVE, Holly

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