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What I learned about life when I was 3 years old that affected me ever since

Did you know that your brain has the ability to hold subconscious beliefs that may block you every time you go to reach for something that feels "different" or "bigger" than what you already know? One time when I was three years old I was in the grocery store parking lot with my mom and I saw this magnificent mechanical horse there next to the entrance of the store. One of those horses you can put a coin in to ride. Do you remember those? So immediately I was like, "ooooh! Horsey!!!" and I went tearing off across the parking lot towards the mechanical horse. My mom felt me pull away and looked up and saw that there was a car that was racing through the parking lot at the same time - ready to intersect with chubby little 3 year old me. Going into fast mama-bear mode, my mother raced after me screaming, "nooooo!" grabbed my arm and yanked me back out of the way in just the nick of time! Now thank goodness she did that, right? Or I wouldn't be writing this email here today. But what that did in that moment was that it locked fear into my little body and a belief in my subconscious mind that - When I go for something exciting, there is potential danger there as well. For all of my life, I've had this situation: I go after something that's exciting to me only to stop myself and experience anxiety and panic. It wasn't until recent years when I unearthed this experience in hypnosis that I've been able to overcome this, shift that deep seated belief and learn how to go after my dreams fearlessly. So what about you? Where might you be holding onto deep beliefs that are holding you back from something that you want? This year I've helped many of my clients shift their deep beliefs and make long-lasting changes in their life. Just a few of the things we've done together: - I helped a man overcome a 50 year long phobia that was keeping him from going on vacations with his wife. In 3 months he was able to overcome that and now is enjoying an adventurous retirement as he always dreamed of. - I helped a young clarinet player gain confidence and learn to set boundaries. Before she was struggling with making enough to live on, but with my coaching and hypnosis now she's changed the way she charges her private music students so she makes more money and they aren't running her life - she has more freedom and more funds to play with on her time off! - I helped a young artist manage her eating disorder that's been haunting her for her entire life. We were able to shift her self-criticism and need for perfection in her life. And now, not only is she in control of it, but she also decided to go back to school and get her master's degree and finally has the confidence in herself to do that. This week I'm launching a new group coaching program that I'm super excited to offer. After seeing what I've been able to do with my private clients I know that there is so much these tools can do to help other creative people as well.

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