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How To Talk About Your Craft with Confidence


Do you ever find it difficult to explain what you do as an artist to other non-artists that you meet? Whether it's your family, a potential patron, or just a person you meet on the street? I know that artists have a hard time talking about what they do, so over the years I've developed a sort of "magic formula" for a way to introduce yourself as an artist.

Learning how talk about what you do is the first step in all of your promotion whether it's creating posters or flyers, or online, through emails, social media, or even in working with a publicist. Once you understand that you must always

1. Position Yourself, and then

2. Inspire people from your "why"

then you will also have the Magic Formula that goes into any great promotion surrounding an artist.

Your fans want to be inspired!

But they also want to know why they should care. That's why I find one or the other of these - positioning or speaking from your "why" - isn't enough by themselves. But combined, they are the

Magic Formula.

In this week's podcast episode, How to Talk About Your Craft with Confidence, I break down this two step method for how to answer that pesky question that you dread, "So. . . what do YOU do?" . . . without fumbling all over your words and spiraling into humble (ie. disparaging) remarks about yourself. Forget that! You're amazing and it's time to share about it in a way that's confident and inviting!

That's the benefit of listening to this episode - you'll be better equipped to talk about what you do in at events, workshops, casting calls, family gatherings, in elevators and at cocktail parties (do people actually have those anymore tho, really? Lol, "cocktail parties" just gives me flashes of women in fit n' flair skirts and men shaking up dry martinis) ANYWAY!!! I digress. . . The real FUN of this episode is in my guest, rapper Enon Gaines. Genuine, warm, funny and talented he didn't mind being my "guinea pig" to show you how this two step method actually works. And BONUS! He shares his own stories and his music along the way. Click on this link to go to this episode now>>


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