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Why Talking about Artistic Voice Makes Us Anxious

I know a lot of people talk about artistic voice and how important it is to define yourself as a "unique" artist, and yet. . . do you ever get a kind of anxious tightening in your solar plexus when you think about this? As I was working on my latest episode, and pondering this I got this download about why that is. About why, even when we know we should take time to define and focus our brand or our artistic voice, we so often feel resistant to it. Watch this video to find out what I discovered about why that is:

This month the Performers & Creators Lab podcast is all about exploring what's original about you and all of the fears that can pop up around that - from protecting your work from copycats, to defining your artistic voice, and more! Check out the first two episodes of the Original You series here. Celebrating Original You! BIG LOVE, Holly P.S. Well, May isn't allll about Original You Series. I lied just a little;) Actually this coming week we'll celebrate mothers who are artists with a special Mother's Day episode. You'll get to hear from 4 different professional artists all balancing motherhood and artistry. It's real. It's honest. It's for anyone who has ever sacrificed their own dreams in favor of nurturing someone else's. Dropping this Wednesday night, May 9th! . . . And don't get jealous, dads. There is an episode coming for you too in June!

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