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Question to Ask that May Define Your Artistic Voice

Emmy Award winning composer, Dan Cantrell

Is there a place you won't go with your art? This is a question I recently asked Emmy Award winning composer, Dan Cantrell, and I thought . . . that's just a good question just to ask artists in general. When it comes to places we "won't go" - I think it comes down to two things:

  • There are things we avoid out of principal (we don't do work on those topics or subjects or in that style because they are offensive, or they simply don't jive with our beliefs) . . . . and then

  • There are things we avoid out of fear (we hide from expressing certain emotions or exploring those things we - sometimes unconsciously - are afraid of shining light onto.

Either way, I think it is a good question to ask:

Is there a place you won't go with your art?

Because either way you answer that question, it will illuminate some aspect of your artistic voice. It can help you clarify those areas where you could lean in and stand even more fully in your personal artistic perspective and asking this question can also shine light into the dark corners that might be interesting to challenge yourself to explore. When we are afraid of something . . . it has a way of ruling us. So ask the question, get curious, and don't let that stuff rule you! Anyhow! Just a 'light' little question for your Sunday morning;) Create. Be Passionately You. BE LOVE, Holly

P.S. If want to know how both Dan and I answered to this question, you can check out the short interview I did with him on Facebook.

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