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15 Reasons Why Artists Are Today's Shamans

Holly Shaw pictured by In Her Image Photography

I firmly believe that artists are today's shamans. Here are 15 reasons why. And I think you'll LOVE #15 ;)

15 Reasons Why Artists Are Today's Shamans

  1. We take people on an emotional journey.

  2. We consider ourselves outsiders like shaman who live on the "outskirts of the village."

  3. We are highly sensitive and sometimes know things we shouldn't necessarily know.

  4. Practicing our craft is like a daily spiritual practice.

  5. We tend to be tree huggers.

  6. We translate messages cryptically through music, dance, theater and poetry.

  7. We aren't afraid to "go there" and can trance out without any drugs at all. . . if we choose to.

  8. Our wisdom tends to come to us through the body, not the intellect.

  9. We create ceremonies and rituals.

  10. We're struck with visions and can't let go until we see them through.

  11. Our work has the ability to heal both the audience and the artist.

  12. Sometimes we channel dead people.

  13. We often feel misunderstood.

  14. People go into trance just watching us.

  15. Sometimes we wear funny hats.

What do you think? Do you agree with these? Share your comments with me about it below!


Holly P.S. I found myself thinking up this list as I was putting the finishing touches on the inaugural episode of the Podcast launching this coming Wednesday, February 14th!!! The 1st episode, Perform Like a Shaman, is a sort of manifesto for the entire podcast, my vision for artists everywhere!!

Image at top by In Her Image Photography

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