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A Love Letter in 52 Episodes The Performers & Creators Lab Podcast is LIVE at l

We think of being an artist as glamorous, powerful, and fun. . . and there is that. Sometimes.

But there is also the bitter truth to fame. The exhilerating ride that is like a roller coaster you can't get off. Or you fear getting off. Or you have anxiety about being on in the first place.

It's been an exciting 6 years since I started to officially call myself a Creativity Coach back in 2012. And working with hundreds of artists has given me great insight into the pain of the performer. The sacrifice of the "highly visible" people who put themselves out there in the world to be seen, enjoyed, to move audiences, to take us all on a journey.

Over these past years the world has lost so many artists to suicide, to substance abuse, to deterioration of their lives at the hands of fans turned to haters - and every single time I am reinvigorated in my commitment to helping artists and the highly visible.

Speaking directly to them.

Getting the world's attention takes persistence.

Having the world's attention takes emotional strength.

Keeping the world's attention takes an enormity of spirit . . and sometimes requires sacrifice.

And so this podcast was born.

I can and do work with people one on one. I can even speak to large groups or run workshops, but what if. . . I found myself asking - what if I could speak to thousands all at once? What if I could empower a whole army of artists on the leading edge?

An army of artists to help the world evolve emotionally beyond the power struggles we've been creating for thousands of years.

An army of artists to spread empathy through stories.

An army of artists to weave new ideas into the very fabric of our lives so that we begin making decisions that lead to more peace, more freedom, and creative possibility.

An army of artists reconnecting to purpose beyond "making it" and attaining fame.

And reconnecting all of us with our innate creativity.

Because it is my belief, that a creative mind, opened to its own genius, has the power to change the world.

Open to your own genius now. Find your edge. . . Listen to the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast>>

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