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The Importance of Making Art in the Middle of Madness

Has the news these days got your attention? Do you find yourself feeling pulled a little off center with all that's happening in the world to the point where you don't feel like working on your art anymore and would rather hole up binge on TV instead?

Well, I hear you. These last couple of weeks especially have been rough. Not too long ago, I spent an entire Saturday morning running around to all the hardware stores in the East Bay in search of N95 face masks because my lungs had started hurting from all the toxic smoke in our area from the Northern California fires and my son had a "cold" that didn't seem to go away.

And yet through it all, through the natural disasters, the shootings, the insane politics, the world continues to turn and the world continues to need art.

Through it all, we still need hope, we still need a break, and we need INSPIRATION.

We need YOU.

So this week I decided to share about what is YOUR BIGGEST ASSET as an artist and why it's so important to be cultivating this . . . especially now.

Watch this video to find out what it is:

The asset I share in this video is something I see my award winning clients constantly working on. It's the difference between those that struggle and those that seem to "magically" find a way to make it in this business.



P.S. Wanting more support to focus and get your real work done? Join me every week for a Supportive Study Hall for Artists!

If you want designated focus time with the support and accountability of a group, then you will love this. Check it out!

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