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Being a Highly Sensitive Artist: The Crucial Two-Part Epiphany to Understanding Your "Knowing&q

Have you ever been in a situation where people are saying one thing, but there is an undercurrent of something entirely different going on energetically? Man! This used to really confuse the heck out of me! Like at one of those auditions where you're forced to improvise with other people auditioning and there are all these power dynamics rolling around? It can feel like just way too much to navigate - I used to get tongue tied and frustrated as hell! There is so much that you are sensing and feeling in those crucial moments.​​ ​​So, how to manage? Well, I mentioned earlier that being highly sensitive is something I see in nearly 80% of the artists I've worked with. And it can be a real asset to you as an artist if you can embrace it and learn how to work with it. But how do you do that?

The first step in empowering yourself with your sensitivity is to understand these two basic things that are crucial to understanding your "know" (or what you get a feeling you know to be true):

The Crucial Two Part Epiphany to Understanding Your "Knowing" 1. Yes, what you are feeling is real. And even more importantly: ​​​ 2. It is also being filtered through your own limiting beliefs, thought patterns, ​​​ideas, notions, and whatever momentum you've got going on. This two part epiphany is vitally important to creating a healthy relationship with your incoming sensory messages! Not only do I want you to validate yourself: Yes, you are absolutely sensing things that are real! I also want to make sure you understand not to take what you're sensing and jump to conclusions about what you "know" to be true. Now at this point, you might be feeling pissy. Hey, Holly! I thought you said this was a superpower and now I'm not supposed to take what I feel to be true? That's right. Anything you feel is moving through a filter and so you want to be sure to vet and evaluate this experience properly. Because here's the thing:

When you get a hit on something. When you sense it, you are 100% receiving some real guidance, but then that guidance gets immediately filtered through YOU or rather, all of your past experiences, prejudices, beliefs etc. So by the time you're making sense of what you're sensing . . . well, it is already a little skewed. Which is why, as I encourage you to begin exploring your sensitive superpowers, as a Highly Sensitive Artist, I would also recommend you learn to take a step back and examine what you're sensing from an objective standpoint and get curious instead of jumping to conclusions.​​

Is this topic as interesting to you as it is to me? ​I've got a lot more that I could say about it and helpful tools I can share with you about how you can use your sensitivity to guide yourself to make the right choices, to help you be in the right place at the right time, to increase your ability to be bulletproof to rejection and even! . . . to help you become an even better artist than you already are!

But first, I would love to hear if you're actually interested in that kind of thing. Please share your thoughts about this topic of being a Highly Sensitive Artist in the comments section below or send me an email and let me know!​​​​

You'll love it - it's one of the most listened to episodes on the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast!

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