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Why You Sometimes Don't Take Action On Your Creative Ideas

Have you ever wondered why is it, that you can have an idea for something, but then you can't seem to take action on it? It feels like pulling teeth to get yourself to even begin? This can be frustrating. And I know a lot of creatives wonder why this happens, and why they can't just bring themselves to DO THE THING! When this happens, you'll start making up stories in your head about why you aren't taking action. Stories like, "well, maybe I'm just not cut out for this! Maybe I'm not good enough. What's the point of it all anyway!" And just like that you can easily talk yourself out of taking action on your great idea. So here's what's up with this situation:

When you have a creative idea for something, it's a done deal. A part of you on some level is already moving towards it. If you can imagine it, you can get it done. I'm 100% positive it's possible.


If you aren't taking action on it right away, it simply means that there is some resistance that is keeping you from being in Alignment with that creative idea.

Resistance can come in many forms: fears that you have about how it will work out, arguments you make with yourself about how you are limited on time, money, energy to do the thing. Or, you may have beliefs about yourself that are contrary to the idea

For example:

I believe that a person that achieves this doesn't have self doubt and is fearless. I certainly don't feel fearless and therefore I'm not a person that can achieve this thing.

Basically, you are standing apart from that creative idea.

So what to do in order to get into Alignment with it and feel eager to start?

You have to find a way to clear the resistance. You have to find a way to move yourself slowly in the direction of that thing or work through whatever fears you have in order to take action.

Because if you take action from a place of discipline, hard work, and being afraid but doing it anyway? The results will be less than desirable. The creative result won't come out in the way that you'd hoped, it won't be as fun and you'll dread every minute of it. Is there something you want to take action on but you can't bring yourself to do it? Ask yourself why that is? What is the fear there?

Have patience with yourself as you work through your fears and resistance. Go easy. Lighten up. And take care of your Alignment first.

Then the action will come and it will be more fun than ever. I promise.

BIG LOVE, Holly P.S. Do you have a question you want help with? Join me in my Performers & Creators Lab Community Group on Facebook. You'll be able to ask questions, share wisdom with other artists from all over the world, get support, and direct access to new content. This particular blog post (above) was in direct response to a question asked by a creative last night when I went on Facebook live. You see? You. Inspire. Me.

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