Episode 44 with the Grand Prize Winners of the #PACL Performance Challenge!!!

Britney Briggs & Leah Ferrer of Bay Area Flash Mob

Surprise! Our Mob Is Performing for You

December 26th, 2018

What’s it like to perform in a flash mob?  This week we find out when we interview the organizers of Bay Area Flash Mob, Britney Briggs and Leah Ferrer - winners of the #PACL Performance challenge! We talk about crazy gigs, crashing weddings, and how to maintain your groove and capture the audience in the chaos that can be surprise performances.  Click on the player  to listen now.


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A native Californian, Britney Briggs saw her first flash mob on TV and fell in love with concept realizing she wanted to find a dance group that did just that. In 2012 she moved to San Francisco and discovered Bay Area Flash Mob and has been dancing with them ever since. 2 years ago, the founders of BAFM handed over the reins to Ms. Briggs and three other ladies (including Leah Ferrer) and together, they’ve brought the company to new heights and experiences learning different styles of dance, performing all over the Bay Area on stage and in various other public venues and even got to teach the routine to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Now getting ready to move from the Bay Area, she has plans for the future to take what she’s learned these past 7 years and start a flash mob company of her own.

Leah Ferrer has been with Bay Area Flash Mob in various roles since its inception in 2009 and hopes to continue its commitment to community and dance. Please visit bayareaflashmob.com to see how BAFM has spread the joy of dance throughout the Bay Area and to book a flash mob for your wedding, proposal, corporate event or party.

Pictures from Our VIP Coaching Day:

As the grand prize winners of the #PACL Performance challenge, Britney and Leah were treated to a full VIP day of coaching and hypnosis.  We started the day diving into some fun exercises, hypnosis, writing and coaching, followed by a 45 minute interview for the podcast, and ending with a pleasure filled evening of dinner and toasting at the acclaimed restaurant, A Cote in Oakland.  A fun day was had by all! Congratulations Britney and Leah and BAFM!

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