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From Scratch to Stage!

Do you want to spend 10 weeks making lots of new work, with a community of other inspiring artists, supported by the expert care of a creative coach?

YES! I want to . . .

Performers and Creators Lab

Spring 2017 Group Coaching Program

Are you struggling with self-criticism?  Finding it really tough to finish or even start creating work? Comparing yourself or competing with others?  From Scratch to Stage, Group Coaching Program was designed to fill in and help you where traditional arts education and training has failed.  In ten weeks you can create a body of work that you can leverage for long after the program is finished while also reconnecting with a deep trust in yourself as an artist.  


Not only that, but you'll have the next stepping stone to continue on your own -equipped with the skills and mental shifts you need to actually be successful.


I think sometimes we artists feel like we have to do it all alone.  I know I did. . .

When I first starting making work I didn't feel like there was much support.  Even people who were supposed to be my mentors didn't always feel like they were on my side.  

I couldn't trust the feedback and I was too full of doubt in my own head to keep going sometimes.

And even when I was given composition advice from mentors I trusted, there was still some other larger piece missing.  

No one really knew what to say to me when I was mired in self-criticism or self-loathing, or in no mood to go into the studio let alone create anything decent.  

I was just expected to grit my teeth and bear it, "push" through, and "put my nose to the grindstone."  Well, it wasn't working for me.  


I had to find another way to work.

And so, I've devoted the last twenty years of my life to creating and studying the creative process, how we really make work and what our conscious mind has to be doing in order to allow that.  


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Scratch to Stage

Group Coaching Program





What's Included:

10 Week Program with Accountability

-A Community and A Coach That Has Your Back!-

You'll be directly engaged in making work for 10 weeks straight!

I'll give you all the inspired exercises and tools to do it.

You will be AMAZED at what you'll do in this time.

I've worked with artists who have never created a body of work come out with the startings of a new album and

a one-woman show. And I've worked with seasoned professionals that have simply created more work

in a short amount of time than they ever had in their entire life!



2 One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions

with Holly Shaw

(1 private during the program and 1 you can use within 3 months afterwards)

I know everyone comes to their art with their own personal baggage that needs unpacking

so I offer these sessions as a way to be able to help you more specifically with what you need.

I can help you focus or clarify your work, move you past any blocks and shift deep patterns and free yourself of old stories.



4 Live Workshop Events*


Meet the other artists participating in person in a live full day-long workshop setting! 

Get the foundation materials for the group program, engage with your group in fun creative exercises,

and learn an effective non-judgmental feedback communication model used throughout the mastermind.

All in person. All given to you in an effective hands-on learning experience

with somatic exercises, movement, writing, and fun!


Two hours of powerful breakthroughs and coaching using the resources of

the group to bust through some of our biggest defining blocks and

be ready to make work!



Two hours of workshopping our works in progress with the gentle and curated feedback of the group.

We'll be defining, refining, and playing with our work in new ways to maximize the clarity of our pieces's composition

and performance so we feel excited to put on the final touches in the remaining weeks to come.



You'll have the opportunity to bask, appreciate and celebrate in this full-day unveiling of our work.

Share your finished piece or works-in-progress in the intimate space of your group that has been

taking the journey with you.  Create a plan to help you continue the work and the momentum once the group is over.


*Live Far away and can't make it to the Live events?  

Ask me about attending virtually or about a home study version of this program. 


4 Live Group Video Conferences via Zoom

one hour interactive group coaching calls and Q&A

These serve as check-ins to deal with your challenges and also an opportunity to add deeper layers

to the creative material covered in the course.




Membership to the Performers and Creators Lab Private Facebook Group

where you can share your program experience discreetly with other artists 

taking the journey and those who have done the course before



Your own paperback copy of The Creative Formula book

Your own copy of Tuning the Creative Mind meditation CD

At this point, I've not only made over 500 pieces of dance myself, but I've also coached hundreds of others, musicians, composers, choreographers, and directors, to get out of their own way and plug back into their power so they can create original work, and totally kill it onstage.  If you're interested in tapping into your creative genius, creating lots of new work, and taking a piece from scratch to stage with the support of community and a block busting coach, then check out the details below of the fall program to see if it's for you:

What People Are Saying About this Work:


I have gained so very much from your program. I have felt held, and have expanded a great deal through [The Creative Formula]  principles you have walked us through. "  

-Elizabeth Strong, International Dancer and Choreographer


"I've found a deeper connection to my form. Holly is gifted at holding space and coaxing new insight.”

-Zoe Jakes, composer and dancer of Beats Antique


This was one of the top best artistic experiences I've ever had, and I feel F'n AWESOME about it!!! The program, as well as my performance, made me break on through to the other side! The digging and digging to solidify and expand on What I'm About, made all the difference in the world. I'm more confident, solid and feel like I can do anything artistically.

-Vida Felsenfeld, Poet and Choreographer


I find myself in awe of how much I have gained from your workshop. I feel like somewhere deep inside of me there is a small part of my being screaming to create that’s been unleashed."  

-Laurie Snow, choreographer


"Even after choreographing for so many years, I still often find that I get stuck, and sometimes stunted in my creative process.  Several times I have called on help from Holly Shaw, who has been wonderful in helping me open up my creative channel and get me out of my box."  

-Miriam Peretz, International Dancer and Choreographer


I feel really inspired by this whole process.  It cleared out some space for me.

- Briget Boyle, singer/songwriter


What's the time commitment?

This program is really designed to fit your level of desired participation.  You can spend anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours a week on it and get real momentum and results either way.  Do you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes a day that you could work on a little creative work? YES? Then you'll get lots of value out of it.

What if I have a project in mind that I'd like to work on?  

That's great! This program will give you plenty of opportunity to approach that project from many different levels and angles.  You will be given a variety of carefully selected exercises that will get you working on many different sketches and eventually you'll end up with one more refined or finished piece.  You can use these exercises to work your way around the one project that you have in mind or to just play around with different ideas to discover some new work.

What if I'm not inspired and don't have anything to work on?

Don't worry!  The program is specifically structured to elicit a sense of eagerness and desire to create. The exercises build in order to easily get you started and then to maximize your momentum.

Don't artists make work on their own?

Why do I need to pay for a group?

After years of coaching hundreds of artists from professionals to those just starting out, I find that although many of us could make work on our own there are a few reasons why we often don't, or why at certain points in our career we find ourselves blocked:


1. Sometimes we have the desire but lack the confidence to follow through so our "creative time" is spent in self-sabotaging or procrastinating activities instead of actually making work.  We feel limp and sad about our efforts and it can get harder and harder to even show up and try.


This group program is carefully structured to deal with the inner critic, build up your self worth and interest in your own work, and elicit a sense of eagerness to create.


2. Even though we've been creative and prolific for years sometimes we can find ourselves blocked as we hit the ceiling of what we believe to be our "upper limit" or we suffer from "imposters syndrome" as we reach higher levels of success.


I've worked with many artists who have found themselves in a "new arena" and have helped them to find their confidence to move forward to even greater artistic heights.


3. Sometimes it is just plain lonely working on our art in a vacuum all by ourselves.


The group program was inspired from my desire to create community among artists of different types.  This my third year running a group program and it's incredible to see the creative energy generated when artists with different ideas, modalities, and styles have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, witness each other's progression, and learn from each other's mistakes.

What can I expect to get?

Live Group Workshops and a Community of Other Artists to Lean On


Private Sessions with Holly (Hypnotherapist and Creative Coach)

I know each person comes with their own "bags" to be unpacked so the private sessions give us an opportunity to dive in deeper and can be used for a variety of things like creative unblocking, breakthrough coaching, hypnotherapy, or career planning.


Weekly Assignments and Check-Ins


Bonuses: The Creative Formula paperback Book, Tuning the Creative Mind meditation CD, and you'll also get a workbook binder with resources and worksheets to help you stay organized.




By the end of the ten week program you will have:


-A portfolio of many sketches you've begun during the program


-At least one finished, or mostly finished piece of work ranging from 2-10 minutes long.


-A deeper sense of respect and worthiness towards your art.


-Greater awareness of how you make your best work and how you organize yourself to create.


-Your own personalized keys to how your creative genius works best.


-Tools for working and collaborating with others in a constructive and productive way.


-Creative momentum to begin 2017 with full force!

This program is for you if:

You would like to feel more organized and steady

in your creative work instead of manic, rushed, or depleted


You are not satisfied with where you are and you want the support 

of a coach and community to help you get to the next level


You want to spend more time with what you love.

You are ready to shift some old beliefs to make way for a new burst

of creative energy!


This intimate group program is limited in size, so

 If the idea of starting 2017

with a ton of fresh ideas

and a renewed commitment to your art

feels exciting to you then go ahead and

Apply Now

Success! We'll review your application and respond with a day or two.

Once you submit your application, we will review it and reach out to you to schedule an interview via phone or Skype where you'll have the opportunity to share more about your creative aspirations and any challenges you might have with Coach Holly. In this call she'll be able give you some of her best recommendations to help you now and also determine if this group program is an appropriate fit.  We look forward to connecting  with you soon!

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