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Episode 56 with Harmony Gates

How Do You DEAL With Unwanted Attention Off Stage?

September 18th, 2019

Being the center of attention on stage is one thing.  But what about managing the attention that you get - sometimes unwanted - off stage? In this conversation with somatic empath, Harmony Gates we talk about dealing with sexual harassment, jealous haters, and also just unwanted intimacy on the dance floor. We brainstorm solutions for how you can deflect energy you don't want, new ideas for communicating, and ways you can re-construct your reality to continue to shine brightly in this "me-too" era.

Opening and closing tracks by composer, Dan Cantrell


Harmony Gates is a body-centered connection and relationship guide.  She helps people open their hearts and connect with others in a centered, receptive and generous way that invites deep, meaningful relating.


Harmony is certified, and practices her unique version of the  ‘Anat Baniel Method’, (Feldenkrais); a somatic therapy that is based on Neuro-movement® principles. She is also a Non-violent Communication (NVC)  Mediator.


Harmony practices in the Bay Area under the guise of “Radical Aliveness and Relationship Coaching’,  and receives  the bulk of her inspiration  within the local improvisational dance community where she has been active and dancing since 1996.

Favorite Quote:

“Be who you are, and say what you feel, ‘cause those who mind don’t mater, and those who matter don’t mind.— Dr. Seuss

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