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Episode 51 with Jeremy Mikush "Crystal Powers"

Drag Queens and Shapeshifters

March 6th, 2019

Find out how drag is a form of shapeshifting shamanism as we talk with former academic, Jeremy Mikush (aka “Crystal Powers”) who has spent the last 5 years as a touring musician and drag artist with the famous drag artist, Alaska Thunderfuck.  An enlivened conversation as we talk about the sacred nature of drag, coffee as a sacred stimulant, performing as a “vessel” and more!

Opening and closing tracks by composer, Dan Cantrell

​All other music in this episode is compliments of Jeremy Mikush from his album, Somewhere In Between. Click here to find Jeremy's music for listening and purchase!

Some Fun Media Extras!

Billboard Pride Interviews Jeremy Mikush and Alaska Thunderfuck about their new album, Amethyst Journey

Official Music Video for "Aliens" with Alaska and Jeremy

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Jeremy Mikush as "Crystal Powers"


Jeremy Mikush, also known as Crystal Powers or Handsome Jeremy, comes from a family of musicians who never felt they could be one professionally, as good as they could sing or play. They encouraged Jeremy’s creativity nonetheless. He went to UCLA to get a PhD in Musicology in gender studies in opera from the 1600s; and simultaneously was also being mentored and becoming a part of the Radical Faerie community in the mid 2000s into the 2010s.

Now he creates music and does drag performances as a time-traveling intergalactic priestess named Crystal Powers.  For the last five year’s he’s been touring and performing with the well-known artist, Alaska Thunderfuck.

To find out more about Alaska and Jeremy, click here

Listen to or buy Jeremy's music here


Jeremy Mikush performing as "Crystal Powers"

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