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The Second Key



In this video you will learn about the importance of Allowing.  This is the part of the process where you play with an open mindset in order to allow great ideas to flow to you.


Remember when you were a kid and everything just flowed creatively - EASILY? You played, you made stuff up, you performed it for your friends, neighborhood, your cat - there was no fear, just the thrill of getting everyone to stop for a moment and come into your world? You were known for  your artsy antics and someone told you to "keep doing it, kid" and so you kept at it until you were actually pretty good.  


Adults, teachers, or counselors encouraged you to "go for it" and so you found yourself a professional artist, all of a sudden playing for reals, up against the best in what seemed like a never-ending pool of real professional artists and maybe it was at this point that you thought to yourself, "oh sh*$%! What have I got myself into? Who do I think I am?" 

 And all of a sudden your flow just stopped. Or maybe just slowed.  Your work became tedious. Or it became sloppy.  Whatever the case, the pieces were there, you dutifully put them together one after the other,  just not adding up to the creative greatness you once thought you would attain?  

I'm telling you this horrible nightmare because I've lived it myself.  And I can tell you that there is this perpetuated idea that the bigger your success, or the bigger your talent, the easier it gets:

 MYTH: Professional, successful artists don't experience anxiety or fear when approaching their craft.

 The truth is quite opposite as you might personally know. The reality is that professional artists often face more pressure as they step into the role of "professional artist." 


TRUTH: The bigger and more successful you get, the bigger the pressure to be great.

There are a whole set of skills your music teacher, dance teacher, or whomever, probably never taught you.  Stuff that was natural to you when you were a kid before you started clogging up your flow with self-doubt and judgement. And that was how to line up with the creative part of you.


You see, I believe that you are an outstanding artist.  I believe that if there wasn't any of the stuff clogging up your flow, then you'd be rolling in great ideas, getting more consistent gigs, touring with the people you want - all of it! 



"Thanks to Holly I have found a deeper connection to my dance form. She is gifted at holding space and coaxing new insight"

- Zoe Jakes, internationally renowned dancer and composer with Beats Antique

"She is patient, intuitive, and really has the ability to help students tap into their own unique style."

- Miriam Peretz, internationally acclaimed dancer and teacher

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