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In this Third Key to Creative Freedom, I talk about Articulation. This is the process of exercising your preferences to compose, choreograph, and otherwise clarifying or unifying in order to accomplish a clear, transmission of ideas.


What is interesting about Articulation is that it is a sticking point for many artists - mainly in one of two ways:  either they are too quick to jump to it (skipping over Allowing and missing out on great ideas), or they never get there (spending all their time in Allowing without ever really finishing anything).  A lot of people would argue that Articulation is where real art is made.  Or maybe it's Art with a capital 'A'. If you want to actually present work to anyone beyond yourself, it is important to spend time Articulating it - editing it, clearing away what doesn't match so the real jewels you've discovered can shine through in a satisfying way.  


In the next video, I'll discuss ways to utilize the wisdom of The Three Keys to Creative Freedom so you can start work easier and freer as soon as today!





The Third Key


"Thanks to Holly I have found a deeper connection to my dance form. She is gifted at holding space and coaxing new insight"

- Zoe Jakes, internationally renowned dancer and composer with Beats Antique

"She is patient, intuitive, and really has the ability to help students tap into their own unique style."

- Miriam Peretz, internationally acclaimed dancer and teacher

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