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Welcome to the

Performers and Creators Lab

Empowering an Army of Artists

on the Leading Edge

Want help making New Year's Resolutions that Stick?

We've created this series just for Creative Minds like you.

Click here to get the free video tutorial sent to you!

  • Creative Assessment:  take the free Creative DNA quiz in order to get an e-book with tips, tools, and an action plan tailored to your personal style of creativity

  • Online Courses: check out ways you can join the community, do home study, and make progress at your own pace from anywhere in the world

  • Workshops: find out about a variety of events where you can listen to a talk, get group instruction, or partake in group coaching led by Holly

  • Private Coaching: get one on one support and transformation with private sessions with Holly Shaw.  Apply here.

  • Join the Facebook Community! Be sure to visit and join us on Facebook where you can ask for support, tips, insider know-how and connect for collaborations within our growing global community of artists and performers.

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