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Podcast Gifts

How To Talk About Your Craft with Confidence MiniCourse

Do you find it hard to answer the question, "So. . . what do YOU do?" . . . without fumbling all over your words and either bragging nonstop by default or spiraling into humble (ie. disparaging) remarks about yourself. Forget that! You're amazing and it's time to share about it in a way that's confident and also inviting! And so that's why I've created this How to Talk About Your Craft With Confidence Minicourse that includes a Step-By-Step Guide to coming up with exactly what you should say the next time that you're asked that!  Click here to get it totally free>>

Discover Your Creative DNA - Assessment

Doesn’t it feel great to learn about yourself?  Don’t you just love that wonderful satisfaction you get from discovering the missing puzzle pieces? Well, I’ve created a Creative DNA quiz that will help you understand who you are as an artist, how you best work creatively.  This quiz will help you understand where your genius is and illuminate those areas where you could shore up your weaknesses by working with others. There are three main types, The Explorer, The Visionary, and the Strategist.  Which are you?  Click on the link to find out. . . 

Captivate Your Audience Minicourse

Don't you absolutely love it when you're killing onstage? You seem to be riding an endless wave of energy and the audience is totally picking up what you're putting down. But don't you hate how it feels when it's not like that? Everything feels "off" and you can't seem to get on top of the downward spiral? People may clap politely, but you cringe inside. You want to crawl into a hole. Well, I hear you. I have felt the same way too which is why I've spent over twenty years studying performance, and created this course sharing some of the secrets I've learned along the way . . . Get it totally FREE! Click here to Go the Enrollment Page>>

Have a hard time writing your artist's bio?  Having a great bio is one of the very basic things you need as a professional artist. You need them for websites, programs, interviews, grant-writing, for producers and publicists. And so I've created a comprehensive course called Build Your "You Are ‘Da Bomb!" Bio Minicourse to help you learn this valuable skill. I give you all of the tools to continue writing effective great bios for the rest of your life so that audiences can understand who you are and why they should care in just the first few sentences.  Get it totally for FREE by clicking here to Enroll Now>>

Video Library Subscription: Interviews with Artists Who Are Making It

 Subscribe to the free video library of Interviews with Artists and watch video clips from some of your favorite artists you've listened to on the podcast. See BONUS clips that we couldn't include in the show.  Forever and always FREE - check it out here.

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