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h e  U l t i m a t e  G u i d e 

to Compose, Choreograph,

and Capture Your Masterpiece

"Shaw's voice lovingly coaches you towards your own creative flow with enough of a structure to serve as a guide to work with practically . . ."  

-Lorena Wolfman, Expressive Arts Teacher and Poet

Inside The Creative Formula AUDIOBOOK you'll get:


  • A simple, but powerful three-part method to creating that helps you grow and cultivate your inspiration to pull the best work out of you!

  • Highly effective exercises and ideas for making work, suggested exactly the way that you need them to actually create, edit, and polish your work!

  • Important Compositional Tools like: how to manage a big project, narrow your variables, and how to structure, organize, and edit your work in order to craft show stopping performances.

  • Extra bonus chapters with tips and clear examples of how the Creative Formula can be used in your own studio, inclassroomsor group workshops, in coaching sessions, and onstage while you're performing.

  • Narrated by Holly Shaw in a professional San Francisco Bay Area sound studio, you get the lively and personal touches of this hypnotherapist and creative coach.

  • Special Bonus reading by the author's son.

What's inside:

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About the Author and Narrator

Holly Shaw is a creativity coach and choreographer who has spent a lifetime performing on TV, in film, and on thousands of stages all over the world. She has created and performed over 500 pieces of choreography and has been commissioned by the West Wave Dance Festival and funded by the Hewlett Foundation for the Arts, but her biggest passion is helping performers and creators kill it onstage and create original work. In 2015, Holly  released the CD Tuning the Creative Mind: Meditations for Performers & Creators. Founder of the Deeper Lab Flamenco Dance Intensive, she teaches and facilitates workshops in flamenco dance composition. Holly also coaches all kinds of performing artists, from Grammy-nominated singers to world-class dancers, in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide through the Performers & Creators Lab.

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