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Episode 41 with Terrance Kelly

Technique to Transcendence

November 14th, 2018

An inside look into the community and the magic behind Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir’s famed director, Terrance Kelly, an Emmy Award winning vocalist and composer who has been called everything from a “a man of great passion and conviction” to a “demanding taskmaster” to “an absolute musical genius.”  Hear from members of the choir who are closest to him and his stories of growing up in a musical family all set to the moving music of the gospel choir and Terrance Kelly himself as we answer the questions, “How can you inspire a community of hundreds to greatness?” and “What does it take to reach transcendence?”  Music heard in this episode provided by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and Terrance Kelly.

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Terrance Kelly is an Emmy Award winning vocalist, composer and choir director, has been called everything from “a man of great passion and conviction” to a “demanding taskmaster” to “an absolute musical genius.” And to prove them all, he has garnered extensive credentials in both gospel and jazz music. His operatic range and jubilant emotion make him a popular soloist as well as an accomplished director, composer, and arranger.


His credits include choral arrangements on albums by Linda Ronstadt and the Kronos Quartet and gospel arrangements of popular music for TV and video soundtracks. In addition, he wrote or arranged most of the music on each Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir album. Mr. Kelly received an Emmy Award in 1995 for his choral arrangement of OIGC’s KGO-TV public service announcement. Visit


Isa Chu has been singing all her life, over a third of which, has been with the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. Besides singing and choir, Isa loves to spend time with her friends and family, do creative things like decorating cakes and cookies, and trying out new DIY projects. She believes in the Wizarding World, the power of community, and justice for all.

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Elder Derrick K. Henry Sr. (pictured here on left with Terrance Kelly) is the intern director for OICC (the community choir branch of OIGC) and Terrance's god brother from a life-long friendship that dates back to the days when their mothers were best friends and they sang together in the children's choir at the Allen Temple Baptist Church. Derrick is also the Elder in Charge and Youth Director at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Livermore, CA and a retired Naval Chief Petty Officer and his kids are Terrance's nieces and nephew.

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