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Captivate Your Audience

Using the Creative Formula

A three part video series

In the following video series

You'll learn:

  • How to maintain creativity onstage so you can leave your audience awestruck

  • A quick method for dropping into the optimum mindset when you first step onstage

  • Three crucial elements for creating riveting performance

  • Strategic questions you can ask to refine your work and create audience "lean-in"

  • Effective strategies for turning "good" work into "GREAT" work by using the Creative Formula: the proven-effective three part method that's helped thousands of artists create original work from scratch to stage.

Performance is a co-creative experience between you and your audience.

Video I Alignment:  

Learn a Four Step Method to Drop Into the Optimum Mindset Before Going Onstage

Start with this video to learn an effective method for overcoming stage fright and connecting more fully with your audience.​

Video II Allowing:  

Learn How to Turn Boredom Into Bravos

Have you ever felt like you lost the attention of the audience during a performance or found yourself feeling disconnected and unsure of how to get back into the groove? Watch this video to learn about "lean in" and how to create it so you can recover and get your audience back.

Performance is a co-creative relationship between you and the audience. 

Our work should be alive, vivacious, and continue to "play" long after we've finished creating it.

Anchor 3

Video III Articulation:  

The Two Most Important Parts of Any Performance

Want to make a lasting impression on your audience? Watch this video to find out how taking care of two specific parts in particular can create a memorable performance that will live with your audience long after it's over.

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