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A one day workshop with Holly Shaw, Diana Rowan, and Rebecca Boblak

August 1st, 2015  at the Berkeley Rose Labyrinth more info



Performance Salon and Wisdom Sharing Event

This June, LAUNCH!Thriving Artists is proud to present the layered poetry and dance of Vida!  Growing up in West Oakland circa 1960's in a family of twelve children, Vida's work comes from the grit and grease of street life back then, where girls hid switchblades in their beehive hairdos, and boys roamed the steets in packs, in search of trouble, or truth. The Catholic Church with its rich rituals left an indelible impression on the curious young Vida who made shrines out of shoe boxes, tin foil, little Virgin Mary adorned with fresh-cut roses swiped from a neighbor's garden. Now she lets that raw energy work through her in flamenco dance, her wild thoughts and good humor shining through her words. Vida's poetry and movement take you on a journey through those back streets and dangerous places and builds them into shrines to her ancestors and urban temples where we can all find solace.


Hosted by Creativity Coach, Holly Shaw, the evening will also include new work by the Eve's Elixir project with contemporary flamenco danced by Masako, Stephanie Law, and Katy Alaniz Rous.  The evening includes an interview with Vida, artists' tools with Holly Shaw, and a live audience discussion.


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