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Episode 39 with Cynthia Whitcomb

Inspiration from The Beyond

October 31st, 2018

Is it possible to make art with the help of ghosts? Cynthia Whitcomb, a successful screenwriter, has sold over 70 screenplays, 30 of which have been produced on national television and . . . also admits to receiving “help” from the beyond. In this fascinating interview Cynthia shares how she broke into the Hollywood filmmaking business, the riveting details of her discovery that her made up stories were actually historical facts being sent to her from from the beyond and how she’s been able to channel her writing and let go of the “inner critic.” 



This episode was sponsored by Artists United - a non-profit organization empowering individual artists to create excellent art and to unite all artists to create social change. Artists who work alone create art. Artists who work together create change.

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Cynthia Whitcomb has sold over 70 screenplays, 30 of which have been produced on national television. She’s been nominated for the Emmy, WGA, and Edgar Allan Poe Awards. She has written 3 screenwriting books and taught writing at the UCLA Film School. She has written roles for such stars as Jason Robards, Ellen Burstyn, Martin Sheen, Liev Schreiber, Gena Rowlands and Anjelica Huston. Since 2007 she has been an active playwright in Oregon. Visit to find out more and learn about her screenwriting classes and cruises!

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