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Performers & Creators

Join me for this FREE content packed Training!


What you'll Learn

Do you feel like your work now doesn't fully represent what you know you're capable of?


But feel overwhelmed and discouraged with the task of building something new from scratch?

Don't miss this

FREE workshop

Friday, August 19th!

Five Secrets to Getting Your Work Out of Your Head

and Onto the Stage

with Creativity  Coach, Holly Shaw

as part of the Performance Lab workshop series

Friday, August 19th 11am-1pm see details

90% of people die with their best ideas still inside of them.

You say you want to finish that album. . . you know it would feel great to mount that choreography or finish writing that play, but something is holding you back and sometimes it hurts to even look at what that is so you avoid it. You stick it in a drawer, you find a new relationship, you clean your house. . . But here's the thing:

Once a desire is born, it never dies.

The idea is still there whether you want to admit it or not and the longer you silence it, the more it creates a knot in your stomach that grows.  But how do you get started and how do you keep going so that you eventually have a finished product that you can put it in front of an audience?  

There Is A Way To Start AND Stay The Course

I’ve spent years producing shows and making work - some of it flew out of me so easily and others felt like I was forcing my head through a sieve - sleepless nights, panicky feelings, moments of seemingly insurmountable worry that it was all a huge waste of time!

And through all of these experiences I distilled a very clear and matter of fact method for actually making work and getting it onstage which I now share with the performers and creators I coach.

What you'll


Bring your ideas, your unfinished work, your abandoned projects and get new movement in this hands on workshop.

You’ll learn the five biggest secrets I’ve discovered about getting the work started, created and mounted:


  • Learn one powerful tool for generating original ideas and get momentum on your project

  • Learn what's been holding you back from your creative work and get effective tools for moving through it

  • Learn how to finish your work by learning new compositional tools so your work is clear! and translates to your audience

  • Learn how to ease overwhelm so you can move steadily towards your finished brilliant work!

  • Learn the basics of the Creative Formula: a simple, but extremely effective three step method for creating work that has now helped thousands of artists through my work as a coach and through my Amazon bestselling book, The Creative Formula

Whether you come when you're in the middle of a project or when you are blocked from seeing your next one, I guarantee that by the end of this workshop you will walk away with new inspiration and even more ready to create and finish your next masterpiece!

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