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Meditation Track: Tuning the Creative Mind

Free One-on-One Clarity Session with Holly Shaw

Holly has been using guided meditation in workshops and with clients for years and has found they have the ability to create huge shifts in our thought patterns. This meditation was recorded by Holly specifically for the needs of Performers & Creators designed to release resistance and make creative work easier.  Great listening for before practice, rehearsal or time in the studio!
Tuning the Creative Mind - Holly Shaw
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A 30 minute clarity session where you'll be able to share your challenges with Holly who will help you discern your next steps for getting your work out of your head and onto the stage. Get clear about what practical next steps you can take in order to KILL it onstage and create original work without losing your sanity or selling out.

Go from no Work to Lots of Work !

The Creative Mastermind Group

for Performers & Creators

launching March 4th, 2016

If you are struggling with self-criticism, or can’t seem to finish or start  to create work, If you find yourself continuously comparing yourself or competing with others, riddled with performance anxiety, or unable to promote your work, or feeling like you’ll have to sell out in order to be successful…..


Remember when you were a kid and everything just flowed creatively - EASILY? You played, you made stuff up, you performed it for your friends, neighborhood, your cat - there was no fear, just the thrill of getting everyone to stop for a moment and come into your world? You were known for  your artsy antics and someone told you to "keep doing it, kid" and so you kept at it until you were actually pretty good?  


Adults, teachers, or counselors encouraged you to "go for it" and so you did and one day found yourself a professional artist, playing “for reals”, up against the best in what seemed like a never-ending pool of really talented professional artists and maybe it was at this point that you thought to yourself, "oh sh*$%! What have I got myself into? Who do I think I am?"


And all of a sudden your creative flow of inspiration just stopped. Or maybe just slowed.  Your work became tedious. Or it became sloppy.  Whatever the case, the pieces were there, you dutifully put them together one after the other,  but when you look at the result it’s just not adding up to the creative greatness you once felt you had in you?  


I'm telling you this about this experience of dreading my work because I’ve lived it …

And I can tell you that there is this perpetuated idea that the bigger your success, or the bigger your talent, the easier it gets:


MYTH: Professional, successful artists don't experience anxiety or fear when approaching their craft.


The truth is quite opposite as you might have discovered by now. The reality is that professional artists often face more pressure as they step into the role of "professional artist."


TRUTH: The bigger and more successful you get, the bigger the pressure to be great.


There are a whole set of skills your music teacher, dance teacher, or mentor, probably never taught you.  Some of it was natural to you when you were a kid before you started clogging up your creative flow with self-doubt and judgement. Other things, like how to refine your work, how to put yourself out into the world but stay true to yourself, and how to build a community that actually supports you - these were never taught to you.  No one ever told you about the day you would stare down the very stage you used to love and dread getting up there.  No one ever told you how to cope with hanging in the lonely space between working projects.  How to keep your momentum going and how not to be scared sh*#$less that all your “best” work was behind you.


How would it feel to have a creative formula that served as a barometer to know when you’re working for or against yourself in the studio? What would it look like to KNOW EXACTLY what you are about so that you exist in a category ALL YOUR OWN and are free from the need to compete with other performers? How would it feel to steer your own career, to have an internal GPS system that was so strong, you would never ever doubt your own choices ever again?  Imagine. . . getting off stage and feeling GREAT about it and thinking, “That was so fun! What’s next?”


The good news it that all that IS possible.


You can rise as a performer and keep your sanity and soul doing it.


There are effective ways of easing the negativity in your head so you can get down to business and actually do the creative work. There are ways you can work with your “zany creative brain,” and still get started, keep going, and complete work that you not only love, but enjoy the process of creating! Can you imagine THAT? Your work CAN be authentic and still successful at the same time - you don’t have to sell your soul to “make it”. And in fact, those who are most powerful don’t. And believe it or not, it is possible to be able to speak about what you do and even promote yourself! without sounding arrogant or pushy.  It is actually possible to be confident and elegant about sharing your gift - and I can see that for you.


Not only is all of this possible, but it’s essential.  

These 90% skills are the ones that I see make or break so many careers.  Performers and creators maybe have one of the skills, but they are haunted by another which creates an inability to cope with success or feelings of fear or unworthiness:


You can either struggle and be a starving artist, or sell out and be successful.

That’s what the powers that be would have you think.


But there is another path, less spoken of.  And that is of the thriving performer.  The bliss filled creator.  Someone who is so aligned and compelled and obsessed (in a good way) with what they are doing that they are like a fast moving train zipping along the tracks.  These performers and creatives, in addition to being good at their craft, have the other 90% skills.  The balance that helps them stay in line with their deepest passion and rise at the same time.


I’m Holly Shaw and I’m a working choreographer and a Creativity Coach. I’ve curated and produced dozens of shows, and coached hundreds of artists from Grammy nominated musicians to world class dancers.  



Just like you, I was born to perform and create work and was starring in film at 16, dancing on stages all over the world by 23, and by 30 was producing my own shows. Since then, I’ve completed and presented over five hundred pieces of choreography and had my work commissioned and funded by the West Wave Festival, Edinburgh Arts Festival and funded by the Hewlett Foundation for the Arts.  



But my favorite thing to do, what I’m really passionate about, is helping other performers and creators make original work and KILL it onstage without selling out or losing their sanity.

If you are struggling with self-criticism, finishing or starting to create work, comparing yourself or competing with others, performance anxiety, promoting your work, or feeling like you are no longer sure if you can be successful without selling out,

The Creative Mastermind Group program

can help you move into a new place where you are aligned, in love with your craft again, and equipped with the special other 90% skills to actually be successful.


In this eight week interactive group program, you’ll learn specific tools for taking your career by the reins and steering it the direction you want to go!


You’ll learn:


-The Creative Formula - a tested and proven method for working creatively that you’ll be able to utilize no matter how idiosyncratically you work.


-How to Deal with Self-Criticism and free yourself from it’s paralyzing effects


-What your true Artistic Voice has to say - you’ll find clarity on what makes you unique so you no longer are competing with anyone else - You are a category all your own!


-How to Create in the Middle of Chaos!


-How to Narrow Your Variables, as well as Structure and Organize Your Work


-How to Polish Your Work - you’ll learn to refine your work into clear, meaningful transmissions so you are building your audience without even trying.

What People Are Saying About this Work:


I have gained so very much from your program. I have felt held, and have expanded a great deal through [The Creative Formula]  principles you have walked us through. "  


-Elizabeth Strong, International Dancer and Choreographer


"I've found a deeper connection to my form. Holly is gifted at holding space and coaxing new insight.”

-Zoe Jakes, composer and dancer of Beats Antique


This was one of the top best artistic experiences I've ever had, and I feel F'n AWESOME about it!!! The program, as well as my performance, made me break on through to the other side! The digging and digging to solidify and expand on What I'm About, made all the difference in the world. I'm more confident, solid and feel like I can do anything artistically.

-Vida Felsenfeld, Poet and Choreographer


I find myself in awe of how much I have gained from your workshop. I feel like somewhere deep inside of me there is a small part of my being screaming to create that’s been unleashed."  

-Laurie Snow, choreographer


"Even after choreographing for so many years, I still often find that I get stuck, and sometimes stunted in my creative process.  Several times I have called on help from Holly Shaw, who has been wonderful in helping me open up my creative channel and get me out of my box."  

-Miriam Peretz, International Dancer and Choreographer


I feel really inspired by this whole process.  It cleared out some space for me.

- Briget Boyle, singer/songwriter


The Creative Mastermind

for Performers & Creators

program dates: March 4th-April 29th, 2016

Program Includes:


9 week program with new creative exercises every week. You'll be directly engaged in making work for 9 weeks straight.

Learn about making Art in a Series and experience firsthand the tools and ways to do it.


2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Holly


2 Live All-Day Events*

Meet the other artists participating in person! and get the foundation materials for creating art in a series, fun creative exercises, and learning an effective non-judgmental feedback communication model used throughout the mastermind. All in person. All given to you in a n effective hands-on learning experience with somatic exercises, movement, writing, and play!


8 Videos & Learning Modules


8 Live Group Calls via Teleconference 

8 Weeks of Thought Provoking, Challenging, and Fun Exercises designed to explore your artistry deeply, create multiple pieces at once, and to set you up to continue the creative momentum after the program






I. The Creative Formula

II. Taming the Monsters: Deconstructing Self-Criticism

III. Your Artistic Voice: Learn to Stand Out From the Crowd!

IV. Getting it done: Overcoming Inertia and Easing Overwhelm

V. Grabbing It By the Thread: How to Recognize the Gold and Grab On!

VI.  Divide and Conquer: How to Create in the Middle of Chaos

VII. Staying the Course in Composition: How to Narrow Your Variables, and Structure and Organize Your Work

VIII. Defining the Rules of Your Universe: Polishing and Unifying




Private Facebook group to share your experience discreetly with only those artists taking the same journey


BONUS: Meditation CD, “Tuning the Creative Mind” crafted especially to serve the needs of performing artists and creatives


Cost: $1,997

Buy now: $1,497


This intimate group program of only 9 dedicated artists

only has a few spots left so act soon!


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