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Zoe Jakes, internationally renowned dancer and composer with Beats Antique

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5 Secrets to Getting Your Work Out of Your Head

and Into the World

. . . . So You Can Get Paid When You Play

FREE Class Now Playing

with Creativity Coach and Bestselling Author, Holly Shaw

You'll learn:

  • A clear method for taking that one brilliant idea you’ve been sitting on and igniting it into creative action

  • The biggest dividing factor between someone who is prolific and someone who is not

  • Tools for getting free from the self-criticism that holds you back

  • The secret to having people dying to collaborate with you

  • How to get your mojo back after failure, rejection or career disaster

We're going to go over all this and more . . . and it's only available for a limited time so you don't wanna miss it!

BONUS! Sign up now and get immediate access to a FREE copy of the The Creative DNA Comprehensive e-Book

(you'll get the full lowdown on ALL three separate Creative DNA types so you can discover your Complimentary Type and more!)

This class will only be up for a limited time so sign in now while it's still available!


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