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Performers & Creators Lab
In-Person Day Camp


For professional or serious artists

Get the accountability, guidance and community you're craving in a supportive creative atmosphere in the hills of Oakland, CA!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022
Sunday, June 26th, 2022
9am - 3pm

Scroll down to see what's included!

Acting Rehearsal

It can be overwhelming and lonely as an artist trying to run yourself as a business and keep up with it all

I know how hard it can be to create a structure and accountability for yourself as a working artist. . .


Even after coaching artists for the past 10 years, now that I've recently become a full-time comedian and producer myself, I'm becoming even more fully aware of how tricky it is to do ALL the things you have to keep up with as a professional artist!


So, that's why I'm putting together a real live in-person performance lab - a two day a week 'day camp' for adults where you can drop in whenever you feel like it! All you have to do is sign up online as soon as the night before.

It's part workshopping / accountability / and co-working all rolled into one!

Basically, we'll hit all of the areas that nearly every single artist needs to hit in a typical day:

Your Physical Body - working out your bod, moving, training and just really being grounded in your body and getting those endorphins flowing!!

Your Performance - working out your craft! Actually doing the thing you love, honing it, getting some feedback so you stay inspired to keep at it and see the growth!

Your Social Media Presence - sharing yourself and your work with the world. . . I know, absolutely the last thing most artists want to think about is marketing (ewww) which is why I'm dedicating an hour to it so you can get a mindset shift around it, get ideas and inspiration, then write, post and get other members of the group to like and boost your post (so it doesn't feel like it's just shouting into the void)

BONUS!!! Plus, a two hour study hall (free time) where you're welcome to stay and enjoy a creative co-working environment.  During this time you can collaborate, workshop, write with others, or work alone on your laptop in our comfy indoor studio or one of my two tranquil outdoor areas with free wifi. Also available free to you - a self-tape studio to tape your auditions or get practice with self-taping scenes, monologues or sketches.

Also, you may opt to purchase more services if you'd like to get additional coaching or hypnosis (with yours truly), massage (guest practitioners), and other add-ons (as folks are interested).

It's basically a day camp for professional working artists where you get guidance, accountability, community and the option to sign up online with your spot at your convenience.

I'm inviting you into my  home for this day camp: it includes a dance studio (workshop area), a self-tape studio, a big back yard - it's a quirkily charming three bedroom artist's enclave in the Oakland hills with plenty of high speed Wifi and space to workshop, stretch out and co-work.

Space IS limited! Capping it at 8 only for the soft launch so be sure to register early if you're interested!

I'd love for you to be a part of it!



Upcoming Schedule

Wed, June 22nd and Sat, June 26th 9am-3pm $30


9am-10am Oakland Hill Hike with Holly

Just a short walk uphill from the Performers & Creators Lab is the King Estate Park where we'll be taking an approx 1.5 mile loop (with some steep incline at the beginning) hike that rewards you with an expansive view of the entire bay. 

**Afterwards, take a 10 minute break to change clothes, grab a snack, get some tea or coffee and get ready to work

10am-12pm Performance Workshop with Holly Shaw:

You get 3-5 min of whatever you're working on to workshop it in front of the group, get feedback and some light coaching. Session will include warm-up exercises and small group breakouts so no matter what you will get to run your material. Bring your new bits, monologues, scenes, songs, whatever you're working on!

12pm-1pm SM Writing/Posting/Boosting with Holly: Get guidance and inspiration for different types of social media posts, time to write or create a post and then we'll boost each other's posts. Get mindset support and accountability to share your art.

1pm-3pm Study Hall (free time): 

Bring your laptop to write, work, collaborate, workshop with others. It's your time and you'll have the option to work in my living room studio or back patio. Plenty of space to spread out and work in a chill and tranquil environment away from home. You'll also be able to use my self-tape studio for free, run scenes, skits, collaborate together, workshop stuff with other people there.

Want more support?

Interested in getting additional support? Holly Shaw will be offering low cost hypno-massage sessions (from 30min-60min increments), hypnosis and coaching sessions on this day - Sign up for added-care in advance 


The space - Holly's Home and the
Performers & Creators Lab


The "Performers & Creators Lab" is the coaching & hypnosis business I run out of my home in the Oakland hills. It's where I've seen clients over the past 7 years, written two books, held small workshops, and of course, raised a son.  Over the years I've dedicated different areas in my home to my own artistic life and I'm excited to be able to invite you in to experience it's quirky charm. It's a 3 bedroom house in the Oakland hills with a big back yard, a dance studio in the living room, a self-tape studio in the basement - basically an artist's dream home with plenty free  high speed Wifi and space to workshop, stretch out and co-work.

Fun Fact: This house is rumored to be where the Hieroglyphics (the legendary Oakland based hip-hop collective) recorded one of their first albums.  

Reviews of Past Performers & Creators Lab Workshops & Services

"Working with Holly, I realized that it's all connected. Your work, your self-esteem and your personal life. I let go of the anxieties that were holding me back.

- Alena Savostikova, Actor (private client)

This is Us, The Mindy Project, Westworld


"Holly is knowledgable. Skillful at holding and managing the space for development. Having an organized curriculum. Building skills and awareness in a way that continues to complement and amplify them."


- Thom Fowler, Writer/Humorist (group coaching program participant)

What's Included in Your Day Pass

  • 1 Hour Workout - Each day we'll offer a variety of different physical activities 

  • 2 Hour Performance Lab - Bring your material, work on your craft

  • 1 Hour Social Media Support - Get inspired to write, post, and boost posts of your friends

  • 2 Hour Study Hall - Enjoy free time to collaborate, write, work, use the self-tape studio (all included free with the daily pass) or enjoy some additional services for an extra fee

PLUS high speed Wifi

Bring your own: 

  • Laptop, notebook, pen/pencil

  • Water bottle

  • Clothes to change into after workout (if you're like me you may want to change out of sweaty clothes after the workout part)

  • Snacks, brown bag lunch (microwave and stove available for use)

Additional Services Offered

Dream Ticket

Meet Your Coach & Host


Holly Shaw

Hypnotherapist and performance anxiety expert - NBC News

Holly Shaw is a life-long performing artist who has spent the last 30 years performing in film (starring in an ABC Afterschool Special at 16), TV (hosting the Edinburgh Revue on T.V. at 23) and on stages all over the world as an actor and dancer and stand-up comedian.  She has taught several times at SAG/AFTRA's conservatories in SF as well as LA, is the host of the award winning, Performers & Creators Lab Podcast, and is the author of two books: the Amazon bestseller, The Creative Formula, and the #1 New Release, Making Art In the Middle of Madness.  Currently she performs stand-up comedy regularly and produces showcases in Oakland, CA.  Her latest production, the Comedy Edge: stand-up on the waterfront, celebrated 40 weeks of selling out a 100+ seat venue from 2020 - 2021.

Deeply passionate about helping artists she has also coached hundreds of performing artists, including Hollywood actors, Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated musicians, overcome their blocks and impostor syndrome, and get the professional toolkit they need so that they can create the work they were born to make, attract their fans and followers, and become undeniably magnetic performers.

An intuitive listener and dexterous coach with ten years of experience, Holly is ready to improvise and pull out all the stops in order to take you where you need to go and get a big shift quickly.

This Day Camp is for you if

  • you're a serious or professional performing artist (comedian, actor, singer etc.)

  • you're feeling isolated and looking for some creative community

  • you are having a hard time structuring your day or doing "all the things"

  • you feel blocked or would love some extra support around your performance or your ability to share your work (ie. marketing)

  • you're coachable (open to input from others)

  • you're not allergic to cats (there is one foster cat currently residing at the lab)

  • you're tired of doing it all alone!

A Natural Girl

More Testimonials


Adam Faison, Actor (group coaching participant)

Everything's Gonna Be Okay, Grace and Frankie

"It’s so easy to get in your head as an actor and feel like others are telling you what you’re worth. Working with you has helped me be able to take my agency back."

"Holly helps you reach for the best in yourself and the best in each other and creates a very supportive container. Holly is very kind. She is a good listener. She is fair. Very organized with material given to work on. Excellent follow up emails to review what happened in the classes."

- Debra Greene, Writer and Comedian

Frank Garcia-Hejl, Writer, Actor, (group coaching participant)

First Impressions with Dana Carvey, CBS Showcase, Comedy Central's Comics to Watch 2015


"You give such fantastic advice. Taking your class was so helpful for me because I had just gotten out of cancer treatments at that time and I was so in my head about returning back because my hair was growing back . . .. I just felt off. And I just needed to get over those yips and gain my self-confidence back. And taking your class helped me with a lot of things, even outside of that, breathing, being in the moment. Your guidance really helped me out."

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